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Children Pen Down Letters to Trump As an Appeal for Kindness

In the wake of Donald Trump’s shocking victory as president-elect, parents have tried to convert the bitter and divisive impact of the fiery election into a positive, learning experience by urging their children to write letters to Trump in a bid to appeal him to show some kindness towards individuals, regardless of their sex, caste, creed, color and nationality.

In a time when most kids nowadays pen down letters only to their favorite Santa and an occasional thank you note to a distant relative, the same kids writing letters to Trump only indicates how much the election has affected even the youngest members of the society.

It all started after the Election day, with Seattle homemaker, Molly Spence Sahebjami creating a facebook group by the name of “Dear President Trump: Letters from Kids On Kindness”. Sahebjami believed that there were plenty of parents who didn’t know how to explain each and every aspect of the election to their kids, especially since children tend to understand everything by logic. This obvious dilemma faced by Sahebjami and many other parents spurred her to come up with a unique solution that involved allowing the kids to get their voice known by making a personal appeal to the president-elect himself. The group, at present, has 10,000 members.

The rules to enter the coveted group are simple. One has to be under the age of 18, have a strong opinion on kindness and be a productive communicator. The whole idea was for the little kids to explain Trump about the significance of being kind to others, despite the fact that they may be different from him.

According to Sahebjami, certain things that Trump said during the campaign were unnecessarily caustic and aimed at persecuting specific groups of people, and that those things did nothing to give him a leverage over his competitor, Hilary Clinton. Sahebjami, whose family is of Iranian descent, strongly disapproved of Trump’s foul opinions in the course of the campaign but the final tipping point came when her son, studying in kindergarten, expressed concern over some offensive things Trump had said about Muslims. That is when the resident of Seattle put her foot down and decided to start a Facebook group consisting of supporters who weren’t afraid to appeal for kindness from the President-elect.

Many of the letters do prove Sahebjami’s point, as they mention quite a few of the groups Trump had insulted during the campaign.

One letter shared by a parent asked Trump to be a President of all Americans, including his lesbian, gay, Hispanic and African-American friends. Another letter written by a little boy requests Trump to be a good president and be kind to his family members as they are good, despite belonging to “a special religion”.

A 13-year old girl’s letter congratulates Trump, while telling him frankly how his method of campaigning has hurt her and how he has disrespected her as a woman. The letter ends on a hopeful note, asking him to be kind, and prove her wrong by being a just leader.

Parents have been encouraged to capture snapshots of their kid’s letters and share them on microblogging sites by using a common hashtag, #kidsletterstotrump. Only time will tell whether these letters have any impact on Trump at all, but one thing is for sure, they do send a well-deserved message of peace and hope across America after the fiery elections this year.

What do you think of these kids’ appeal for kindness? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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