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Kid Gives Batman a Much-Needed Makeover and You Won’t Believe How

Whether he’s gallivanting around Gotham City with multiple supermodels as Bruce Wayne, or flashing his sexy, crime-fighting bod as Batman, we always see “The Dark Knight” in tip-top form.

But what happens if Bruce Wayne got married, had kids, and developed a beer gut? Well, wonder no more because one 11-year-old girl has the answer.

Fatman Begins

Thanks to the creativity of an 11-year-old girl, the world now has the new and “improved” Batman – introducing “Fatman.” Fatman is a redesigned version of everyone’s favorite bat-themed superhero.



Judging by the pictures, Fatman looks like a middle-aged man who likes to kick pack a few beers while watching the game every evening. This image is stuck with us now!

Reddit Explodes Over Fatman

The artist’s mom thought the drawing was so good (and hilarious) that she shared it on Reddit under her username “knittymcknitpants.” She then went on to describe the drawing as “everything you never knew you needed in life.” While that is a slight exaggeration, she did the world a great service by sharing this drawing.




From there, the creative minds of Reddit took over. Batman-inspired dad jokes flooded the comments and other users started to re-imagine movie titles with this new character. One of the most popular was The Dark Knight Retires. One can only imagine what the plot behind that one would look like. Despite Fatman’s growing popularity, some Reddit users were still skeptical.

Reddit Users Proven Wrong

If you think these amazing drawings are something an 11- year-old could never accomplish, then you’re not alone. A few Reddit users accused “knittymcknitpants” of posting fake images.



To prove the doubters wrong, she then shared a video of her daughter actually drawing the character. So keep your eyes peeled for future movies like Batman Begins…To Gain Weight or Batman ReturnsHis Dusty Gym Equipment.

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