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Why Did Kendall Jenner Delete Her Instagram Account?

Fans and critics have been wondering why Kendall Jenner’s Instagram account has suddenly gone missing. Many claim that it is because of the heavy criticism the reality star received for her “racy photos” of late. Jenner’s fans would beg to differ though because she has always exercised restraint even when sharing photos with a bit more skin. So why did Kendall Jenner delete her account despite having one of the most followed profile on Instagram?

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Social Media Detox/Cleansing

In previous candid interviews, the reality star, turned supermodel revealed that she sometimes deletes twitter, facebook, and other social media apps from her phone for a few days. This is apparently in an effort to refocus her energy and attention to something more productive. Jenner also claims she likes to steer clear of any brewing drama as it is not her style to get caught up in showbiz brouhahas.

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Perhaps Kendall is temporarily detaching herself from the busy and crazy world of social media, but her fans sure do miss her presence. Regardless of what her critics say about her, Kendall Jenner takes wonderful (and tasteful) photos of herself.

Stalker Situation

Many have speculated that Kendall’s disappearance from Instagram was mainly due to her stalker. She has been legally embattled after having the alleged stalker arrested right from the driveway of her home. It does not look like she can sleep easy just yet because the guy was let out without so much as a slap on the wrist.

With what happened to Kim Kardashian in Paris, it is natural for the rest of the family members to be concerned with their personal safety. Kendall’s sister Kylie has also been stalked recently, making their situation quite precarious indeed. No one can blame Kendall from shying away from social media, especially since it can track her whereabouts and make such information available to stalkers and crazed fans.

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Will She be Back?

Kendall Jenner’s online following is among the highest for any celebrity in the world, and she is definitely missed by her fans. The question now is will she be back and how long will she boycott Instagram? Her fans are always looking forward to new photos of Kendall, whether she’s modeling or just with her equally, if not more famous, sisters. It is safe to say that Kendall Jenner will not totally abandon her social media profiles, which include Instagram, Facebook, and twitter. She is among the most liked celebrities, not only on instagram but also in person, as she seems to be not too caught up with fame, which she happens to have in spades.

What do you think made Jenner delete her Instagram? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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