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Katie Holmes, Jamie Foxx Spotted Together In Paris

Rumored couple Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx reportedly spent time in Paris while Katie’s ex-husband Tom Cruise was filmed “Mission Impossible 6” just blocks away.

Katie Holmes

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According to People, the 38-year-old actress arrived in Paris late on Sunday and joined the 49-year-old Foxx in the same hotel. He was about to finish his shoot for the film produced by Leonardo DiCaprio.

E! Online reported that “Jamie had a big smile on his face.” Foxx and Katie were discreet about their movements as they both entered and exited the hotel separately and rode in separate cars.

While in Paris, Holmes kept a low profile but media people quickly recognized her as she was spotted having lunch and had to drop by a local bookstore to get a few titles. She was also spotted at Luc Besson’s Cite du Cinemas where Foxx was working.




Shahar Azran/WireImage

Since her divorce from Cruise, Holmes has been elusive with her relationships, but has occasionally been seen with Foxx and sparked rumors that the two Hollywood stars have been dating for years. According to E! Online, the news of the couple being together was “not a secret among their friends.”

Credible sources for the website said Foxx was done filming his new movie “Robin Hood” and Holmes flew to Paris to be with him for a couple of days.

Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes

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Being watched closely by the media, Holmes and Foxx were also spotted together last April having a dinner date in New York. Still, the couple has never officially confirmed their relationship, despite being spotted together frequently.

According to E! Online, the couple “flew out of Paris together on a private jet Thursday morning” while Cruise was still busy filming his new movie.

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