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Chemical Attack Victim, Kassem Eid Slams CNN Anchor

Kassem Eid was among the survivors of 2013 chemical attack in Syria, which is popularly known as the Ghouta chemical attack that killed around 1,700 people and injured over 3,500.

Kassem Eid slams Brooke Baldwin


On April 8, Kassem Eid was being interviewed by CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin. At first, Eid spoke about how happy he was, knowing that Trump has acted upon the bombings in Syria.

“I saw the news. I cried out of joy. I jumped. I thank God. I don’t know. I was overwhelmed. We’ve been asking for protection. We’ve been asking for consequences for more than six years. And today, for the first time, it happened. For the very first time, we see Assad held accountable just for once – held accountable for his crimes against humanity. I was overwhelmed. I felt grateful for President Trump. I felt grateful for the United States,” he told the CNN anchor.

Kassem Eid thanked Trump

Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Seeing Eid’s support for Trump, Baldwin opened up about US President Donald Trump being two-sided about Syrians—(1) he wanted to help Syrians from its current conflict with their current president, Bashar Al Assad, and (2) he doesn’t want refugees to enter America and even have those who are already in the country deported as soon as possible.

Baldwin said, “Speaking about the chemical attack and the President’s actions. Clearly President Trump was motivated, as we all have compassion for these just horrible images of these babies who were killed. At the same time, this is a man who doesn’t want Syrians to come to this country with this refugee ban.”

She even played a footage of Hillary Clinton talking about how Trump should not be protecting Syrian babies and close the country’s doors to them next. Asked about what Eid thought about the clip he answered, “With all due respect, I didn’t see each and every person who was demonstrating after the travel ban, I didn’t see you three days ago when people were gassed to death.”

Kassem Eid

Michael Appleton/The New York Times

He went on to say, “’If you really care about refugees, if you really care about helping us, please help us stay in our country.”

No other words can Baldwin utter except for “I understand.”

The two also got in a conversation in CNN on April 5 where Eid pleaded to Trump to avoid Obama’s mistakes in the past.

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