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Kardashian Robbery Saga Takes a New Turn

New details suggesting that Kim Kardashian West’s Paris robbery was an inside job have emerged. 17 suspects (3 women and 14 men) have been taken into custody in connection to the armed robbery, one of them being a limo driver from a private limo firm that the Kardashians used during their visit to Paris.


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The 27-year old limo driver is said to be the one who was chauffeuring Mrs. West before the robbery. Police reports show that the driver would have known the reality star’s movements.

According to reports, the majority of the suspects arrested were already known to the French police for other crimes. They are aged mostly in their 50s, 60s and 70s. The oldest suspect who is 72, is alleged to be the ring leader of the gang. They are questioning the suspects hoping to recover the stolen jewelry and put the whole saga to bed.


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According to the French Police, the robbers left the clamp that was used to bind the reality star. This material was then used as a as a source of DNA in investigations. Then also, during the getaway, one thief had a little accident carrying the jewels, picked them up hastily and forgot a pendant that was turned in to the hands of the police hours later.

With that pendant,the police obtained information that turned the trail in the direction of a person of interest.

The robbery took place in October 2016 where the reality star had flown to the country to attend the Paris Fashion week. The gun men reportedly posed as members of law enforcement and accessed the star’s room in the Hotel de Pourtales – also known as the ‘No Address Hotel’.


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Police reports go further and indicate that Kim Kardashian was held at gunpoint, tied up, gagged and locked in the bathroom of the luxurious apartment she had rented. She was allegedly robbed of jewelry worth around $10 M. The reality star’s bodyguard, Pascal Duvier, was out at a nightclub with her sisters.

Her representative reported that she was not bodily harmed though she was badly shaken.


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Barrister Jean Veil, Kim Kardashian’s lawyer, welcomed the arrests saying that they will end ‘outrageous speculation that the robbery was all a publicity stunt’ he went maintained that his client was ‘deeply traumatized’ after being threatened to death.

Since the robbery, Kim Kardashian took a break from social media and the limelight, only surfacing recently over the New Year holidays. She has been posting family photos and videos, even as speculation about the state of her marriage swirls.

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