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Justin Bieber Mistaken For Local Rapper During India Trip

International pop icon Justin Bieber was all over the news recently when he was mistaken for Indian rapper Honey Singh — and it was caught on tape.

A video posted online showed a group of underprivileged children calling out “Honey, Yo!” to the Bieber  and shaking his hand. The singer must have been curious as to why they were calling him by a different name, but  nonetheless, he gave the children free passes to his concert.

Justin Bieber

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Arriving in Mumbai Tuesday night for his May 10 performance, the 23-year-old superstar made headlines throughout the country. Fans all over India went crazy and his movements were closely followed at every moment – from taking a coffee break at Starbucks to playing football with slum kids.

Justin Bieber’s Mumbai concert at DY Patil Stadium was also muddled with a lot of controversy as many fans including local celebrities present at the concert were disappointed with the concert’s outcome. Bieber was caught lip-syncing, which upset most of his spectators. A lot of fans immediately poured out their frustration on social media.

Justin Bieber

Aside from being mistaken for a Punjabi rap artist and the lip-syncing, according to Mumbai Mirror, “while the arrangement for Bieber and his crew were top class, the management failed to set things right for the audience.”

People attending the pop star’s concert had to deal with outrageous prices for food and drinks, unkempt seat and arrangements that turned chaotic during the concert.

Bieber had an itinerary planned for five days in India but he seemed to have changed his mind, leaving before his scheduled departure date. He also cancelled his sightseeing tours to Jaipur and Agra.

Justin Bieber

Hindustan Times

The singer was also expected to meet with Bollywood celebrities in a visit to Taj Mahal; however, his Belieber fans were disappointed to know he wasn’t there. In reality,he had left the country shortly after his performance.

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