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John Oliver Wants To Save Italy… As Its Next Prime Minister

John Oliver, the man behind Last Week Tonight may be the king of one-sided political commentary. But he might just be looking to add another prestigious title – Prime Minister of Italy.

Yet Another Celebrity Politician?

On air Sunday, Oliver announced himself as a candidate in the upcoming elections.

john oliver italy prime minister

Fast Company

We know that a television personality making the jump to elected office isn’t new. And John, likewise, isn’t new to politics. But he hadn’t yet quite gone as far as proposing himself as a political figurehead. So what exactly prompted Oliver’s unprecedented proposal?

Italy’s Political Predicament

To be fair, Italy’s current political climate IS a cause for concern. With 65 governments in 70 years, Italy’s economic instability has left it second only to Greece in terms of national debt. Anti-immigration and widespread fake news has led to violence erupting between pro and anti-fascists. And the options for the next Prime Minister? Well, as you’ll see, they’re a little less than stellar.

italy prime minister john oliver


Luigi Di Maio, pictured right, is only 31, or “a year younger than Frankie Muniz.” Silvio Berlusconi, center, is a former Prime Minister in the midst of a corruption scandal. But most fearfully for Oliver, and for Italy, that leaves dedicated fascist, Matteo Salvini. And considering the last time Italy dabbled in fascism resulted in Mussolini, Oliver’s concern is hardly unwarranted.

The Legality

Oliver reassures us that, as you’d expected, his campaign is a total farce. After consulting with Italian legal experts, the consensus was that he cannot legally run. But does that mean he can’t be CHOSEN to run?

italy prime minister john oliver

Istituto Italiano di Cultura

The Italian constitution doesn’t bar non-citizens from running for Prime Minister. Additionally, the nation’s voting coalition can choose whomever they want to run. So, if the Italian government does decide to nominate John Oliver, he would be “far from the worst option.”

What do you think about John Oliver’s idea? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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