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Actress Jodie Sweetin Ends Toxic Relationship With a Restraining Order Against Ex

Fuller House actress Jodie Sweetin has obtained a restraining order against her ex, Justin Hodak. Sweetin, 35, and Hodak, 40, just broke up after a year long engagement and Sweetin went on to get a restraining order. The court order required Hodak to stay 100 yards away from her, her job, her home, her children’s school and her vehicle. It also prohibited Hodak from contacting Sweetin in any way whether directly or indirectly.

jodie sweetin

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Hodak arrested

The ex-fiancé clearly could not adhere to the restraining order and was arrested at Sweetin’s Sherman Oaks home in Carlifonia on Monday. It was merely days after the actress got the restraining order when Hodak showed up at her home. Sweetin called the police when she saw a suspicious vehicle outside her home and the cops swung in and arrested Hodak from his car. It was the second time he was arrested in a week as he was previously caught for unlawful possession of a firearm, as a convicted felon Hodak is not allowed to possess a rifle.

jodie sweetin

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Raging arguments fractured their relationship

The two had a heated fight earlier on in the month that prompted Sweetin to call off the engagement. The fight, that estranged the two lovers, was escalated by Hodak’s rage. He was using testosterone supplements and steroids that were saidb to have fuelled his anger. The court documents had some revealing information stating that Hodak was abusing alcohol and marijuana on the said day. In the documents, Hodak supposedly threatened to commit suicide if Sweetin made him leave. Hodak left the house a while later armed with a 9mm pistol.

jodie sweetin

Jerod Harris/Getty Images for Knott’s Berry Farm

The court documents also state that Hodak had confessed to Sweetin about a drug problem and incarceration due to felony offences such as assault with a deadly weapon so as to support the habit. Hodak kept pestering the actress and made 87 phone calls just between the time of the break up and obtaining of the Emergency Protective Order. In addition to this, he also threatened to sell compromising photos of Sweetin which he keeps on his phone.

A narrative of abuse

In the documents, Jodie Sweetin also admits to abuse on various other altercations. The two lovers often had arguments where Hodak would throw things at Sweetin. At one time, during a previous break-up, Hodak followed Sweetin to Burbank at the Warner Bros. studios demanding to talk to her where he got into a push and shove with the security guards. In another incidence, Hodak waited for the actress outside her children’s school for a confrontation.

Jodie Sweetin stated, through her spokesperson, that she would appreciate privacy at this time. The scary situation has not been fully settled, however, Sweetin’s restraining order offers protection to people close to her including; her parents, daughters and assistant.

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