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Jenny Slate Addresses Her Breakup from Captain America

When Jenny Slate and Chris Evans began dating – back during the summer of ’16 – most of their fans were probably shocked at the news. And yet, nobody was more surprised than Slate herself. In the interviews that followed, she admitted they were an unexpected pairing and that she didn’t feel she was his type. At the time, their relationship might have seemed like a summer fling; as the months went by, it became clear this was something a bit more special.

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As of February, the two actors are no longer an item. It was only a couple of days ago, however, that we’ve found out some of the finer details of the breakup. In her extensive interview with Vulture, Slate discusses all the different reasons she and Evans simply weren’t the right match for each other, despite their shared interests and backgrounds.

jenny slate

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Unsurprisingly, public scrutiny played a big part in their separation. Given Evans’ high profile, even a simple visit to a restaurant became an exercise in patience for Slate. The constant attention he received everywhere he went was getting to her, especially during a period in her life when she yearned for privacy. In case you’re not that familiar with her private life, Slate was still recovering from a divorce with her four-year husband – Dean Fleischer-Camp – while she was dating the Captain America star. When it came down to it, she simply valued her freedom too much to let the relationship go on like that.

In addition to that, it seems like Slate resented being objectified by both the fans and the media. On more than one occasion, random women would come up to her, telling her Evans was so dreamy and asking about how she “snatched him up.” More than anything else, it bothered her that she was often considered an alternative option. For a woman who deeply cares about her sense of being an individual, this was very much a confusing experience.

jenny slate

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If you ask her about the future of her relationship with Evans, Slate will tell you she hopes they can remain friends, despite not talking to each other too often since they split up. She said that they weren’t exactly on bad terms, but added that the actual breakup could have gone a bit smoother. Ask her about the regrets she has about their love affair, however, and she will adamantly insist that she hasn’t got any. That’s how Jenny Slate rolls, world, and you better keep up.

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