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Jamie Lynn Spears’ Daughter Maddie Shows Signs of Improvement

Maddie, the young daughter of Jamie Lynn Spears appears to be recovering well from her traumatic accident and thus far has shown no signs of any neurological damage. Maddie was involved in a serious accident on February 5th when the ATV she was driving accidentally drove into a pond in Louisiana. The accident happened in front of the young girl’s parents, who immediately jumped into the pond in an attempt to rescue the girl. Unfortunately the safety netting on the ATV and safety harness made it impossible for Maddie’s family to get her free on their own. The good news though was that emergency first responders were on the scene in only 2 minutes and managed to get the girl out of the water and evacuated to a nearby hospital.


Larry Busacca/Getty Images for City Of Hope

While Maddie was rescued quickly, anytime you have an accident that deprives the brain of oxygen for any period of time there is always the fear that brain damage or brain death will occur. Many of those fears were cast aside when Maddie opened her eyes a few days after the accident and showed no apparent signs of any neurological trauma. She was awake, aware of her surroundings, and is now breathing on her own without the need of a ventilator. While she is still receiving supplemental oxygen this will be stopped soon as well since she is now doing much better. While it’s still early in her recovery the initial signs appear to be very positive, something that Jamie Lynn Spears calls a miracle. She and her entire family are grateful for the efforts of the first responders as well as the doctors and the rest of the medical staff at the hospital.


Chloe Rice/Disney Parks via Getty Images

For Maddie, who is 8, one can only hope that in time she is able to not only fully recover from the accident, but that it fades from her memory as well. With a family that held a bedside vigil, refusing to leave her side, the fact that she is awake and recognizes them has come as a huge relief. Far too often accidents like this don’t have a happy outcome, so the fact that Maddie is doing so well is a true blessing according to her family. They ask that people who care about them continue to keep them in their thoughts and prayers, and that they respect their privacy while they continue to focus on Maddie’s recovery.

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