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Jamie Foxx Will Do Whatever It Takes To Avoid Talking About Katie Holmes

We can all relate to wanting to keep our love lives private, but Jamie Foxx is next-level serious about it!

A Secret Love

Foxx has reportedly been in a relationship with Katie Holmes for the past couple years, but you’d be forgiven if you weren’t aware because the two have kept their love life very quiet. Although the couple has been spotted together at a few public appearances over the years, they flat-out refuse to discuss each other in interviews.

The Richest

Perhaps it’s due to Holmes’ fear of the spotlight after being married to Tom Cruise, or maybe they’re just extremely private people. Either way, what Foxx did in a recent interview was completely unexpected.

Walking Out On The Question

The Baby Driver star was getting ready to play basketball in the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game before being stopped for an interview. Interviewer Michael Smith of SportsCenter was joking around with Foxx and having a friendly discussion before he apparently went too far.

Fox News

After photos had surfaced online with Foxx and Holmes playing basketball together on Valentines Day, Smith asked a question that would land him in Foxx’s doghouse. “I know you’ve prepared and I saw pictures,” said Smith. “Did you and Katie Holmes play basketball for Valentine’s Day? Like some real Love & Basketball?” Foxx’s response brought an abrupt end to the interview!

Leaving The Interviewer Stunned

Foxx didn’t even attempt to respond to the question, he simply faked a smile, took off his headset, and walked away, which left Smith awkwardly wondering what happened.


“Uh oh, did we lose him?” Smith asked. “Oh, he ready to go, he ready to hoop.” Let’s just clarify that Foxx definitely didn’t have to leave as he was seen chatting with another reporter while warming up. So, what have we learned from this super-awkward interview? NEVER ask Jamie Foxx about his love life!

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