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The Jackson Family Back in the Spotlight for All the Wrong Reasons

The Jackson family is yet again in the spotlight, but it’s not about the music this time. Michael Jackson’s mother, Katherine Jackson, has filed legal documents alleging that Michael’s cousin, Trent Jackson, has committed elder abuse against her. However, in a bizarre twist of events, Trent and his lawyer, Ron Rale, want to call in a certain member of the Jackson family to serve as jury on whether or not Trent is innocent or guilty of abusing his mother. Trent wants to have a sit-down with another member of the Jackson family, TJ Jackson, and let TJ play the devil’s advocate and be the judge on whether Trent is guilty.

Katherine Jackson

If TJ believes Trent has in fact caused harm to Katherine, Trent stated he would leave for good. Trent is a firm believer that TJ will find that he is innocent and cast a light on the family members whom Trent believes are trying to get rid of him just to get their hands on the family money.

TJ Jackson and Katherine Jackson

This is not the first time the family has been in the news for family feuds, scandals, and drama. There have been previous legal reports filed before having to do with Katherine Jackson, including a missing person’s report, which revealed that her grandchildren had taken her out of state on a vacation.  According to Trent, he believed it was a brainwashing scam to overtake Michael’s estate and had hinted that it was a kidnapping.


The feud might stem from the fact that Michael had cut his siblings and his dad out of his own will. It was reported that his Estate pays Katherine a monthly stipend and when she passes, the balance of Michael’s fortune will then be divided between his 3 children and among an array of charities.

This type of family drama is usually best handled in court, however there is no word yet if TJ will take on the responsibility as judge and juror.

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