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The Internet Is Confused By the Mary J. Blige and Hillary Clinton Video

When Clinton’s The 411 with Mary J. Blige video first aired, people thought it was a sick parody. That might explain the awkwardness when finally Mary J. Blige sings about police brutality then holding Hillary Clinton’s hand. However, Clinton managed to maintain a straight face throughout the rather emotional song. As expected, the video prompted different reactions from the public since the two women are very powerful in their respective fields. Through the song, Blige discussed the increasing cases of police violence in America. The song was actually a cover of “American Skin (41 Shots)” by Bruce Springsteen. However, the two facing in an interview-style but actually singing did not go well with the public.

Social media has come to be the greatest critic of the current generation. People use this platform with keyboards as their weapons to aim shots at the slightest chance. This time round it was the turn of Mary J Blige to face the ruthless social media panelists. First, she was criticized for singing in such a setting. As if that was not enough, tweets ridicule her for having a clipboard and “I just want to know, where we go from here?” comment.

mary j. blige

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Fascinating enough, the song that Bruce Springsteen wrote on the 1999 police shooting death of Amadou Diallo has never been more relevant in America. The cases of unarmed black men shootings and racist claims have been on the rise. The singer probably expected that the word amazing would be in use instead of the word awkward’ that seems to appear in most tweets. The public acknowledges that her performance on that video is clearly not easy to watch. That could be because it being very emotional.

The RnB superstar at some point was feed up by the overwhelming ridicule on twitter. She did not hesitate to give her respond through the same social media platform, “EVERYBODY SHUT THE F*** UP!!!!!! #takethat #Haters #crabinabarrel #simpleminded #411.” Good thing she later deleted the tweet. The one-minute teaser has made everyone anxious for the full interview on Friday, Sept. 30. Apple music promises to show the two women, “as you’ve never seen them before.”

mary j. blige

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There is no such thing as bad publicity. Yeah that is right. The whole world is currently counting hours to the actual release of the Clinton’s full episode of The 411 with Mary J. Blige. On the brighter side, the video has served the purpose. Even then, twitter can be relied upon to make it trend. It is hard to tell whether it will receive a warm reception or a cold shoulder like one-minute video clip.

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