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This Instagram Trend Is Attracting Selfie Queens From All Over The Globe. Here’s Why

Women are taking to Instagram to join a beauty challenge posed by blogger NikkiTutorials called #ThePowerOfMakeup.

In this exercise, a woman is to apply glam makeup to only one side of her face, leaving the other fresh. In the caption, she askes her followers which side looks better and why. The point of it all is to highlight a problem: the shaming of women who love makeup.

The exchange has been quite interesting. Here’s how it’s unfolded…


It Started With A Video

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Back in May, beauty blogger NikkieTutorials released a video called “power of makeup.”

She talked about how both men and women have been shaming women who love to wear makeup, saying that they only wear it because they want to impress people or hide things they aren’t happy with.



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As a response to the shaming, Nikki applied heavy makeup to only one side of her face and left the other raw and unfiltered. She then posted the photos.


Joining The “Movement”

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Other women began posting the same photos of themselves and using the hashtag #ThePowerOfMakeup.

Some women also list their favorite products along with their photos.


The Push Back

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“#ThePowerOfMakeup Because when someone asks who I’m trying to look good for, my answer is always ‘myself.'”

This seems to be the typical response.


A Good Reminder

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“You are not your eyeliner or your lipstick; you are a lovely person with your own personality that chooses to do whatever you want. #ThePowerOfMakeup”


It’s Been Empowering For Women

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“I thought it would be cool to show you the power of makeup,” said Nikkie.

Nikkie was unaware that it would turn into a movement that many women claim freedom in.


It’s Normal To Lack Confidence, They Say

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Essentially, the movement tells women it’s normal to lack confidence and that it’s okay to boost that confidence by wearing makeup and using beauty products.


Another Reason For The Trend

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The trend is also a response to an earlier trend that posted pics of women with and without makeup with captions that read: “this is why I have trust issues,” causing them to feel insecure about loving makeup.


There’s A Spectrum

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Nikkie felt that women needed to understand that no matter if you simply use products to enhance your natural features or if you like to totally transform your face, all women should be supported in their use of makeup.


Makeup Is An Art

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You’ve heard it said before, “makeup is an art.”

If you love painting your canvas beautiful colors each morning, then do. We support you.

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