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If Disney Characters Were Drawn By Tim Burton

We all love Tim Burton. Movies like Edward ScissorhandsThe Nightmare Before Christmas, and Corpse Bride are all beloved films by this director who has a clearly recognizable style that all have come to know and love. Now, if you’ve ever wondered what our favorite cutesy Disney characters would look like in this style, you can stop wondering.

Here are ten images of classic Disney films re-imagined by artist Andrew Tarusov in the style of Tim Burton:

Snow White, 1938

Photo Cred: Andrew Tarusov

Photo Cred: Andrew Tarusov

Snow White was the first Disney princess, and as such, she is deeply embedded in our hearts. Instead of squirrels and birds flying around her though, in this version, it’s spiders and bats.

Pinocchio, 1940


Photo Cred: Andrew Tarusov

Pinocchio is the classic tale we all know about the puppet who wanted to become a real boy. In this version, Pinocchio is definitely still wooden, and even has his *liar liar* nose all grown out. Be careful – it’s so sharp it looks like he could easily stab you with it.

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