Where you came from ?! Late Night Loves Everything About President Trump
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ICYMI: A Round Up of the Late Night Response to Trump

There has been a lot of back and forth about how people all over the United States about politics. People are talking,  on both sides of the political aisle, about the Donald Trump presidency, his claims that his campaign office was bugged by the previous administration and the new American Healthcare Act.  Some people love the new administration. Some people hate it. Others are just ignoring politics, like many Americans often do.

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There is one group of people who love the administration. They may not agree with the politics or the policy. Late night comedians are having a great time with it.

Seth Myers took his segment “A Closer Look” on Late Night to examine the wiretapping claims and the healthcare bill.

Stephen Colbert had his own take on all of the claims, made by Kellyanne Conway and others about President Trump’s tweets about the wiretapping allegations.

Jimmy Kimmel also had some fun with the allegations about wiretapping and threats posed by our microwave ovens:

Saturday Night Live also got in on the act when they made fun of people who are trying to boycott anything related to Donald Trump. It is getting hard to be politically correct in 2017 America:

Then John Oliver had a number of things to say about the most recent WikiLeaks document dump. This is from his most recent “Last Week Tonight.”

Whether people are happy about Donald Trump being president or hate the idea, everyone can use a good laugh. The late night comedians, talk shows and sketch comedy programs can offer a little respite from the news of the day. If there is a comedy show that you know of that may not be covered here, please leave a note in the comments and we will be sure to check it out. Remember: Laughter is the best medicine.

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