Where you came from ?! Adorable Husky Learning How to Be a Dog Again After Being Shot Blind
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Adorable Husky Learning How to Be a Dog Again After Losing Sight

When veterinarians first found Macari, a blind husky, they thought that he was attacked by bees or other animals after being left in a bog but after careful medical examination, they were horrified to learn that Macari was shot several times in the eyes. In fact, there were still pellets lodged in his face as revealed in the x-ray.


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“It was devastating news – we had hoped Macari’s sight might return but now there is no chance of that. Whoever did this meant to blind him – they have quite literally taken the eyes out of his head,” said Emma O’Brian, the Supervisor at the Galway Society for the Protection of Animals (SPCA) in Ireland, in an interview with the Daily Mail.

Considering his condition, the vets had no other recourse but to completely remove his eyes so that the husky would not have to live in pain.


Caters News Agency

The staff at SPCA were all worried on how Macari would be able to survive after the operation considering that huskies are active dogs who like to run around and play.

O’Brian revealed her own concern, saying that “We only want what’s best for Macari but we wondered if he would mentally be able to cope with the confinement and restriction and learn not to bump and bang into objects.”

In the latest update from Galway, Macari was reported to be coping fairly well from his blindness, thanks to the care and guidance from staff and the overwhelming support from the public who gave generously after learning about Macari’s story.


Caters News Agency

The husky was taught how to rely on his senses of hearing and smell to go about his daily activities, learning to obey voice commands in the process as well.

After Macari’s long and difficult journey, he was finally adopted into a loving home where he is learning that not all humans are cruel and that there are people who actually care about his well-being and happiness.

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