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Houston Police Ask for Help in Locating Tom Brady’s Missing Super Bowl Jersey

The Texas Rangers are set to join in the search for Tom Brady’s jersey which was stolen after the Super Bowl game on Sunday night. The New England Patriot quarterback had worn the jersey in the historic win over the Falcons.

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Houston Police, who joined the search on Monday afternoon, released a statement Tuesday stating that they were looking at all individuals who had access to the Patriot’s locker room after the game. They also asked for help from members of the media who were present.

Dan Patrick, Texas Lieutenant Governor, has requested the Texas Rangers to assist Houston police in locating Tom Brady’s missing jersey.

tom brady

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Sunday night marked one of the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history as the New England Patriots came from a 25 point deficit to beat the Atlanta Falcons 34-28 in overtime. The win also marked Tom Brady’s record fifth Super Bowl win.

According to sources close to the quarterback, Tom Brady appeared frustrated after the award ceremony as he searched for his jersey in his locker area. He later called in the security staff and team equipment managers to help in the search where he informed them that he suspected the jersey had been stolen.

tom brady

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

A press release from the office of the Lt. Governor emphasized the historical value of Tom Brady’s jersey as being one of the most valuable NFL collectible and with a high possibility of going into the NFL Hall of Fame. Lt. Gov. Patrick added that the people of Texas have a high regard for football and he does not want it to go down in history that Tom Brady’s jersey was stolen in Texas.

Tom Brady, who was also named as the Most Valuable Player at the Super Bowl, his record fourth time, spent Sunday night frantically looking through several bags for the iconic No. 12 jersey. His team mates also assisted in the search, but the more time elapsed, the possibility of it being stolen started sinking in.

According to the New York Post, the value of the stolen jersey is estimated at $500,000. If the jersey is not found and authenticated, it could be end up being worthless.

Soon after the disappearance of the jersey became public, social media was abuzz with rumors that someone had confessed to stealing it. The individual being referred to had posted a photo on Instagram where he wore a Brady jersey and used the hashtag #StoleHisJersey. He later updated the post saying it was a joke.

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