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GOT’s Hot Pie Opens Bakery That is Making Fans’ Mouths Water

Twenty-one-year-old actor Ben Hawkey, who plays the role of Hot Pie in the hit HBO series “Game of Thrones”, recently partnered with Deliveroo, a British online food delivery company, and launched a witty GOT-themed bakery named You Know Nothing John Dough.

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Game of Thrones/HBO

There was a scene in of the Season 3 where Hot Pie baked Arya a direwolf-shaped loaf of bread and now avid fans of GOT can taste it too by ordering the Direwolf Loaf from Hawkey’s bakery.

According to the product description, this famous bread is “inspired by the direwolf bread he made for Arya Stark” and that they “are made from wholewheat cornbread with orange zest.”

Hawkey said, “Hot Pie’s Direwolf Loaves are a favorite for ‘Game of Thrones’ fans and people are always asking me for the secret recipe. I can’t share that but Deliveroo customers will have the chance to try them themselves. You don’t even need to take a dangerous walk down the King’s Road to visit, it comes to you.”

hot pie


You Know Nothing John Dough was officially launched on the night of GOT’s Season 7 premiere and has been a huge hit as the Direwolf Loaf, which costs about $1.30 a piece, has been consistently sold out.

Hawkey appears to be having a winning streak not only on business but even in his acting career as his character Hot Pie had been brought back in the current season of GOT after the cheerful baker in the Seven Kingdoms had not been seen in the past several seasons.

“It was a really big shock. I wasn’t expecting to be coming back at all,” Hawkey told Entertainment Weekly on his reaction about the comeback. “I was confused. I didn’t know why they needed me, to be honest. I only recently just watched all the episodes. I hadn’t seen any of it,” he added.

hot pie


Planned, or not, his comeback to the show will certainly boost the status of his business, which Hawkey should be grateful for.

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