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Horrible Makeup Trends That We Hope Never Make A Comeback

Each woman has her own reasons for wearing makeup. Whether it’s to make her feel beautiful or to cover imperfections depends on who you ask.

But no matter the reason, hopefully all women can come together and agree that the following makeup trends have to stay in the past. Avoid the following looks, they went out of style fast, and it’ll be obvious why when you see them…

Overly Dark Lip Liner Should NOT Make A Comeback

horrible makeup

Kevin Winter/ImageDirect

This 90’s fashion trend of super dark lip liner needs to stay in the 90s. Unless you are Gwen Stefani, you can’t pull this off, sorry.

Feathered Eyebrows Should Fly Far From Here

horrible makeup

Her Campus

When Stella Sironen invented these, they had a moment, but now they’re seen as too dramatic for anything but extraordinary circumstances. It’s a trend trying too hard.

Glitter Roots Aren’t Great

horrible makeup


No. Just no. Glitter roots sound like a great idea, but in practice, it’s a ridiculous pain to wash off the glitter and can take months. Also, it looks kind of like dandruff which is never sexy.

Clumpy Mascara Is Pretty Awful

horrible makeup

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

The only thing that clumpy mascara does for a woman is make her look like she was trapped in a cheap rip-off of a David Bowie music video around the time of Ziggy Stardust.

Freckle Tattoos Cannot Be Undone

horrible makeup


We just don’t know why anyone would choose to permanently change their looks for a temporary fashion fad. You don’t need freckles unless you were born with them.

The Bubble Has Already Popped For Pimple Nails

horrible makeup


We can’t even fathom why you’d want to do this (except on Halloween), but it takes all sorts to make a world. But really, don’t go for pimple nails.

Bubble Nails Are Busting With Naff

horrible makeup


Some beauty trends simply aren’t meant to last longer than a day. Having bubble nails was one of those trends. There’s nothing alluring about looking like you’ve been trapped in a candy store.

Nostril Hair Extension Needs To Be Blown Away

horrible makeup

Hello Giggles

We appreciate that nostril hair extensions arose from a bunch of bored Instagrammers having a laugh, but if you’re thinking of doing this in real life? Don’t.

Brownie-Scented Eyebrows Smell Bad

horrible makeup


Scented eyebrows? That might work if you’re six. Otherwise, it’s just not something that you really want to do – it was a nice gimmick for five minutes, but it’s over now.

Lollipop Lips Feel A Bit Lunatic

horrible makeup

MACcosmetics @Instagram

The idea is to achieve an effect that makes you look like you’ve been eating a lollipop. What it actually does is make it look like you’ve been kissing like a teenager and didn’t touch your makeup up before returning to work.

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