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Hollywood sign vandalized to read ‘Hollyweed’

This was the sight that greeted Hollywood residents in Los Angeles woke up to a surprise on Sunday, New Year’s Day, depicting vandalism at its best. The vandal is said to have used tarps to altar the O’s in the sign to E’s so that it reads ‘Hollyweed’ instead of Hollywood.

Apparently, the vandal was caught on security camera footage making these alterations around 3 am local time. Nevertheless, the police have not been able to clearly tell much detail about the vandal except that he was a man, since it was raining heavily. Until about 11am, when authorities took down the tarps that were used to change the letters, residents were treated to an amusing ‘Hollyweed’ sign. Estevan Montemayor, a spokesman for the city’s councilman David Ryu, said that they don’t know who did it, but that the park rangers were going to remove the draping that was put on top of the ‘O’ sign.

It is reported that there are sensors placed at the sign to alert the police in case of any act of vandalism, but since these sensors are only in certain places of the letters, it is therefore not very hard to avoid them. According to Sergeant Robert Payan from the Los Angeles Police Department, the prankster who was dressed in black made his way over a protective fence around the sign and made the changes. Behind the sign there is a road accessible to the public by foot and car and it is believed that the prankster came through this route.

It is thought that this prank was in reference to a vote that was passed in California in November that legalizes the use of marijuana. The suspect still remains at large but if he gets arrested, he would certainly face a charge for trespassing. Amused tourists stood to watch the park rangers removing these tarps as they made fun of the whole scenario.

A spokesperson of the Hollywood Sign Trust disclosed that that was actually not the first time that the Hollywood sign has been vandalized to read ‘Hollyweed.’ It was vandalized in 1976 by a student by the name Daniel Finegood. He claimed that it was his project for an art class assignment on working with scale. It is reported that he earned an A.

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