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Check Out These Helpful Makeup Hacks & Cheats!

Not everyone can put their makeup on as flawlessly as Zendaya, but we do try! If I ever get rich, I will just hire a makeup artist to do my face every morning so I can slay the day away. Until then, though, I have to try to figure it out myself and trust me, putting on makeup is much more complicated than it seems.

Just getting your winged eyeliner on point takes a century and don’t even get me started on getting my eyebrows to behave. Luckily, though, there are plenty of makeup tutorials and hacks out there to help! Like the next one by blogger Danielle Mansutti, who spends her time teaching us about makeup!

Want to know how to reuse old mascara? or how to make your eyelashes look longer? Watch the video below!

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