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The Most Horrifying Things That Have Ever Happened To News Anchors

Every news anchor has been tongue tied on air a time or two. For the media, it’s common to get a fact wrong or mispronounce a name, but then there are mistakes in a category of their own — mistakes so mortifying that even the most prestigious of anchors cannot survive them.

Here are some of the worst of those fails.


This Guy Knew Exactly What Would Happen When He Took On This Story

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BBC Middle East correspondent Quentin Somerville might have been reporting a little too close to 8.5 tons of burning heroin, opiates, and other illegal narcotics.

Apparently, under the influence of the fumes, he was unable to make it through the news segment without laughing profusely. He couldn’t seem to get a word out. The BBC dropped the story (of course) and archived it, but the clip was somehow leaked.


Here’s Today’s Story, And Um, I Quit

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Charlo Greene, journalist with a CBS affiliate station in Alaska, was reporting on a story that was in conflict with the Alaska Cannabis Club.

She went live on air and made this confession, “I am the actual owner of the Alaska Cannabis Club and will be dedicating all of my energy toward fighting for freedom and fairness, which begins with legalizing marijuana here in Alaska. And as for this job, well, I quit.”

Well, dang.


Dude, It’s Just A Bug

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San Diego FOX 5 reporter Brad Wills was reporting live from the coastline when a huge flying bug zoomed towards his head.

He totally freaked and dropped his story. His coworker later tried to make light of Wills’s bug encounter by saying, “Brad was attacked by either a large bug or a small drone!”

That’s definitely what it looked like.


Probably The Funniest News Anchor Fail Ever

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An Italian news anchor was dared to do the splits on live TV. She agreed and totally biffed it. She hurt herself and was unable to get up.

Why she did it? We have no idea, but this surely became the most embarassing moment of her life.


Someone Did This On Purpose, For Sure

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This newscaster was busy telling a story titled “Pigs Running Wild” which like any news story had an accompanying photo.

Whoever was running graphics thought it’d be funny to position the pig’s photo over the face of the newscaster.

She kept her job, but probably had the guy who pulled this stunt fired.


That One Time A News Anchor Was Harassed By Jack Sparrow

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Madison Brookes, a reporter for NBC, was busy talking to fans about the season finale of Breaking Bad when a Jack Sparrow look-alike walked up and started smelling her hair.

Brookes had to maintain her composure, but you could tell by her face that she was creeped out.

I would be too.


The One Time It’s Okay To Look At An Anchor’s Chest

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This weather girl, known for her beauty, was reporting on how things were looking at the local beaches when the cameraman knowingly or unknowingly transformed her into a middle-aged hairy man from the beach.

I’m sure this flaw followed her for way longer than she wanted it to.


Confusing The President For A Terrorist Is A Definite Fire

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An anchor for Global TV Toronto was breaking news on President Obama but for some reason could not say his name right.

She kept calling him Barack “Osama,” mixing his name with terrorist, “Osama bin Laden.” It was unacceptable and cost her her job.


Oh My God, Guys


This KOMU 8 anchor was supposed to talk about the “pro-bono” work a man was doing for his community, when she accidentally said, “pro-boner.”

Yeah, that’s not something you live down. Poor girl.


I Don’t Understand, Why Not Get A Tissue?


This news anchor was reporting a story on Charlie Sheen out in the cold when her nose started running uncontrollably. She literally acts as if she doesn’t notice the long string of snot dripping down her chin.

I bet she didn’t have a tissue on her. Awkward.

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