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Worried Little Girl Takes Pet Hamster Who Hasn’t Moved In Days To A Vet – The Diagnosis Will Amuse You

A worried little pet owner took her pet hamster to the vet because she hasn’t seen it moving for three days. The reason why shocked everyone and it was not because the poor pet was sick.


Marilyn Sherman/Flickr

A little girl decided to take her little rodent to the vet because she feared he might be dying because it hadn’t moved in days, nor had it eaten or drank water in three days.

Checked by the vet, the “hamster was alive”, according to reports from Daily Record.


Twitter | 紫流/Flickr

The student vet who was attending the little girl’s hamster sent a message to her sister, Kat, who posted the text message on her Twitter account.

It was instantly picked by netizens because of the quirky and funny outcome of the test results.

What happened was, the vet interviewed the little girl about the occurrences the past couple of days. The little girl said that, “the hamster had recently escaped, but had been apprehended under the fridge.” reports Birmingham Mail.

Taken out of its cage, the hamster was placed on the examining table to check if he is fine. He started walking round, ate and drank like nothing was wrong. But when the vet checked the hamster’s cheek pouch, found a fridge magnet.

What’s funny about the incident is that the hamster was not able to move around its cage because it got stuck on the metal.


Filipe Ramos/Flickr

Twitter users gave a sigh of relief as nothing wrong turned out of the hamster. Users instantly reacted with one, @amp8888 saying, “I’m very glad that story had a happy ending. It could so easily have turned into a fatal attraction.

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