Where you came from ?! This Guy Wrote the Perfect Resume Using Google Autocomplete
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This Guy Wrote the ‘Perfect’ Resume Using Google Autocomplete

Everyone, particularly millennials in the digital age, know what a drag writing a resume can be.

Comedian and author Aaron Gillies, however, decided to take a step back from his resume, and let a friend do a complete rewrite. That friend was Google Autocomplete, and they helped to turn Gillies, who goes by TechnicallyRon on Twitter, into the biggest badass any employer would have the honor of just interviewing, let alone employ his skills.

According to his new resume, Gillies was born to love you, is married to England, and his country is the world. He also speaks awakening and identifies as a wolf.

People, possibly also unemployed, quickly saw the brilliance in Gillies’ method.

Other users even decided to give Google autocorrect a go at their resumes as well.

While Gillies isn’t good at anything, according to Autocorrect, he can still carry you, and believes that children are our future. His professional experience includes seeing an elephant and being the chosen one. Take that, Juris Doctor from Harvard University, or a Bachelor’s in psychology. Both get you the same thing in this job market anyway.

Gillies can also prove, mathematically, his training in gorilla warfare. Something tells me that last part won’t be very useful in the computer coding or lifestyle blogging workplace. He lives in London, and his latest book, The Anxiety Survival Guide, will be published next year.

Hopefully someone hires this comedy writer soon. He needs money to buy apps for his iPhone.

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