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Guy Jokingly Asks to Borrow Greenland, Gets Reply from the Ministry!

A guy named Joe from Salem, Oregon recently wrote Denmark to ask if he could borrow the small country of Greenland to rule it in exchange for a couple of things.


Chef Shwasty

Joe wrote an email asking if he could rule the small country along with his friend as a co-ruler. Bored Panda featured the story showing a copy of the letter saying, “In return, if Greenland meets our satisfaction, I’m willing to part with an autograph from Hugh Thomassen (yes, THAT Hugh Thomassen), several cans of ‘Surge!’ which I’ve had stashed since the ’90s, and the issues of Rolling Stone I get delivered, BUT ONLY AFTER I’VE READ THEM. Okay, Denmark?”

This funny proposition from the drunk 23-year-old came upon after he had a few rounds of rum and had the sudden urge to possess a land that he could call his own.


Chef Shwasty/Bored Panda

Joe said: “My job put me right around the poverty line, so purchasing any large plot of land would be vastly unreasonable.” He also explained that it would take him a lot of time to earn money, so he decided to borrow a piece of land in exchange for a couple of his prized possessions.

Regarding his decision to settle for the island of Greenland he said, “After a brief couple reconnaissance searches, rum-brain decided that this gigantic island wasn’t profitable enough for Denmark, and thought that it would be polite, nay, gracious of me to take it off their hands. I mean, one less thing to worry about for them, right?”

Surprisingly, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark replied to the ridiculous proposition stating, “We like the fact that you dream big. And you never know if your dream one day is going to come true…But in the matter of us giving you Greenland, it is not possible. But thank you for asking.”


Chef Shwasty/Bored Panda

The government agency also asked Joe to learn more about the Government of Greenland and suggested some jobs he could do in the country.

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