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Grocery Store Pays Tribute to Beloved Cat That Roamed the Aisles

Stores are often known for the wide selection and great prices. However, even though Morrisons Supermarket in Flintshire, Wales, may have been known for all that, it was also famous for its charming frequent visitor: a cat named Brutus.


(Left) Solent News & Photo Agency | (Right) Brutus “The Morrisons Cat”

Brutus was present at the supermarket every day. He greeted customers, took naps in shopping carts, strolled the aisles, and even visited the fish counters. Brutus had become such a significant figure in the store that he was dubbed as “The Morrisons Cat”. The cat’s owners even created a Facebook page especially for him so that shoppers and other cat lovers could know more about him. His page has over 12,000 followers from all over the world.

Unfortunately, Brutus suffered from Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD), an incurable illness. Despite all the efforts of his family to prolong his life, the beloved cat passed away last January.

Brutus’ sudden passing proved that he had touched so many lives in his daily visit to the store. Shoppers raised more than $5,000 to create an 18-inch bronze statue of the beloved cat so that people would never forget him. Morrisons also donated over $1,000 for the cause.


(Left) Mary Saifelden | (Right) Mary Saifelden


“Brutus was a fantastic cat and much-loved by us and many others,” Brutus’ owner Claire told the Metro. “Brutus won the hearts of thousands of local Morrisons shoppers as well as building a Facebook following from all over the world.”

“The number of messages we’ve received since Brutus died has been overwhelming. It makes us so happy to know he brightened so many people’s lives and now, with the statue, people have something to remember him by,” said Claire.


Brutus “The Morrisons Cat”

The statue was sculpted by Jane Robbins and was unveiled by comedian Ted Robbins.

“Brutus is being placed back in his rightful place and he looks amazing,” said store manager Christine Joy. “Everyone loved our unofficial little store greeter and we couldn’t be happier to be unveiling a statue which will celebrate his life and keep his memory alive.”

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