Where you came from ?! Great-Grandmother Celebrates Her 94th Birthday By Going Skydiving
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Great-Grandmother Celebrates Her 94th Birthday By Going Skydiving, Confesses ‘I’m A Little Nuts’

If you need some motivation to take the bull by the horns and live life to the full, look no further than Eila Campbell, the 94-year-old skydiving great-grandmother!

Everyone Thinks She’s Nuts!

Eila Campbell of Williamsport, Pennsylvania never thought she’d make it to 94-years-old, but as her birthday approached, she decided that she wanted to do something a little crazy: go skydiving! After all, she knew she wasn’t getting any younger…

Vanity Fair

“I figured I’ll never make it for another year,” Campbell joked. “Better do it now.”

With that inspiring attitude, she made it official: she would make the 10,000-foot plunge on her 94th birthday for a day that she would never forget.

She Didn’t Do It Alone

Fortunately for Campbell, she has a great family! Her granddaughter Sara Schuelke and her great-granddaughter, Jess Fox, decided that they would make the jump with her.

“This was on her bucket list and there was no way I was missing the most incredible matriarch jumping,” Schuelke said. “I wasn’t going to miss it.”

Sky News

One after the other, the three Campbell woman jumped out of the plane and flew through the air in tandem with their individual instructors.

She Wants To Do It Again

Campbell has already demonstrated that she has a boatload of courage for a 94-year-old lady, so perhaps it shouldn’t come as a surprise that as soon as the trio landed on the ground, she expressed that she wanted to do it again!

“It was great, I loved it,” Campbell said enthusiastically. “I would do it again. Everyone already thinks I’m a little nuts anyway.”

Two things are clear: Eila Campbell is one heck of a woman and we can’t wait to see what she does on her 95th birthday! We’ll be sure to stay tuned for the next one!


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