Where you came from ?! 55-Year-Old Grandma Of Three Gets Fit, Smashes Bikini Contest
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55-Year-Old Grandma Of Three Gets Fit, Smashes Bikini Contest

Changing one’s life around after years of bad habits is an incredible personal achievement. We so easily fall into a destructive pattern that turns into a slippery slope down a deep rabbit hole. Kim Wright of Yorkshire, England decided that being 55-years-old wasn’t going to keep her from getting fit and fitting back into her bikini.

bikini contest

Kim Wright

Becoming A Bodybuilder

The grandmother came across a discounted ad for a gym membership. After months of slow progress, she began to notice a difference.

“I felt so out of place, but I got a free personal trainer and started working out and gradually the weight started naturally coming off.

bikini contest

Kim Wright/Facebook

“By December I was lifting weights. I was the Grandma of the gym, weight lifting with the body builders.”

Developing Her Diet

Her happiness ascended to record levels as she traded the pizza and fast food for high protein meals made up of chicken and vegetables. Wright even consumed up to 80 eggs per week.

Over an eight month period, she said goodbye to just over forty pounds.

bikini contest

Kim Wright/Facebook

“My granddaughters laughed at me at first and thought I was bonkers for even trying,” she says. “But when they saw me building muscle, they encouraged nanny to enter a competition.”

Granny Dons The Bikini

The moment of truth came when it was time for her to strip down to her bikini at the Glifting Bikini Contest. Not only had it been a journey of physical transformation, but the considerable difference in her body led to unmatched self-esteem improvements.

“As soon as I slipped on my bikini, I felt empowered,” she proclaimed. “To think I used to be so ashamed of my body and now I can’t wait to get on a stage again.”

The next-youngest competitor was nearly two decades younger. To admit Wright had a “slim” chance of winning would be beyond an understatement. The 55-year-old stunned everyone by finishing as first runner-up.

“I’m proof that over 50 doesn’t mean you can’t don a bikini and look fantastic.”

Kim Wright/Facebook

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