Where you came from ?! This Couple Does The Sweetest Thing For Their Granddaughter
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What This Couple Does For Their Granddaughter On Her Way To Work Is Just The Sweetest

Starting a new job is nervewracking for anyone. Graduating high school and getting your first job as an official adult is something many of us remember.

It’s a time of excitement and anxiety, but one 17-year-old from Scotland has her family cheering her on every step of the way.

Rio Smith Was Insanely Nervous About Her New Position

Seventeen-year-old Rio Smith had recently graduated from her high school in Methil, Scotland.

She was ready to begin her first “real” job after getting her diploma, and she couldn’t help but feel some first-day jitters.

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Every day, Smith boards the bus and makes her way to work. The good news? She is never really alone.

Smith’s grandparents began a daily practice that is enough to make any grandchild smile — and the Internet is obsessed with their adorable act.

Her Grandparents Wish Her Well Every Morning

Smith’s bus route happens to go along her grandparents street. Every morning the couple makes a point to wave hello as her bus passes, and it’s beyond sweet.


Valerie and Wilson Ovenstone know when their granddaughter’s bus will pass by. They take turns going outside and waving at her, and the 17-year-old couldn’t be more appreciative.

“They just started going out every morning and waving me on my way to work. It makes me smiles every day seeing them do this for me,” Smith stated.

Smith even posted a clip of her grandmother waving as she passed by one morning, and the video has been retweeted over 45,000 times.

This Couple’s Love For Their Granddaughter Is Priceless

“Well, we just love her so much, we just wanted to wave to her,” 68-year-old Valerie Ovenstone stated.

The grandmother’s response to going viral is even more heartwarming.

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“I just couldn’t believe it,” Ovenstone stated about her wave going viral on Twitter. The couple enjoyed “everyone’s lovely comments,” and Twitter just can’t handle the cuteness.

Rio Smith definitely has the perfect support system, and all it takes is a simple wave!

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