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Good Samaritans Surprise 95-Year-Old War Veteran with Chilling Gift

Police Officers William Margolis and Christopher Weir played good Samaritans to a war hero struggling with the unbearable Texas summer heat by buying the veteran a gift he won’t forget.

air conditioning unit

Jennifer Weir

The inspiring story began when 95-year-old Julius Hatley called 911 Thursday morning because his air conditioner was broken. Although the concern was not a typical ‘emergency’ call, kindhearted police officers from the Fort Worth Police Department decided to respond and check on what’s going on with the old man.

In an interview with the InsideEdition.com, Officer Margolis said: “Well, that’s not our normal 911 call. But the 95-year-old part got us. It was getting warm outside. He didn’t have anyone to call or anyone to help.”

As soon as they arrived the two officers felt bad seeing the old man sitting outside enduring the 85-degree heat. “Mr. Hatley was sitting out on the porch to stay cool. It’s kinda sad when you have to sit outside to stay cool.” Margolis recalled.

air conditioning unit

Jennifer Weir

After witnessing the desperate situation of the war veteran, Officers Margolis and Weir made a trip to Home Depot to purchase an AC unit to replace Hatley’s ancient1988 AC unit.

The officers’ good deeds were not left unrewarded because as soon as the managers and employees learned about what they were up to, the staff gave $150 from their own pockets to help the cause.

When the officers went back to Hatley’s home, they didn’t waste time but immediately installed the new air conditioning unit with the assistance of another police officer, Steven Rebrovich.

air conditioning unit

Jennier Weir

Officer Margolis shared what happened in that moment: “He [Hatley] was thankful, especially when his house started cooling down. We didn’t go above and beyond in my opinion. He needed it. He’s a WWI vet. In our eyes, he’s the hero – not us.”

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