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Teen Girls From The ’00s Will Positively Shriek Over These Pics

Every decade has its own unique fashion trends. Girls growing up during the 2000s were exposed to a plethora of passing trends. Only a select handful of them stick out like a sore thumb and continue to haunt ladies to this day. These following trends were definitely ones to erase from your memory.

Butterfly Kisses


Butterfly clips were all the rage back in the ’90s. Folks that tried bringing this trend back in the new millennium were stuck looking like fools.

Love Slowly Kills


Ed Hardy

Overnight, Ed Hardy became a fashion bonanza. It also became the go-to brand for jocks and trend hoppers. Towards the end of the decade, Ed Hardy gear was like a repellent.

Gonna Get Rowdy


Bauer Griffin/

Remember seeing the video for Christina Aguilera’s “Dirrty” and digging her hair? Well, the whole black streaks underneath blonde hair trend took off hard. Only a handful of people could pull it off, though.

Step By Step


Ali Express

Certain things from the ’90s should stay dead. Platform flip flops is definitely one of those things. If you have them hiding in your closet, burn them.

The House That Hef Built


You saw some bunny ears and thought it would look great on a shirt or earrings. Unfortunately, nobody bothered to tell you the honest truth.

Made In The Shade



Leave it to Kanye West to be a trendsetter. Made popular in his video for “Stronger,” shutter shades saw a resurgence in late ’00s. Wearing them outside of EDM parties made you look like a fool.

Cheer Up, Emo Kid



This style will live in infamy forever. The sadder thing is there are a handful of people still trying to bring this back. If only they truly knew the horror.

It Was All A Dream

Mark Davis/GettyImages

Thank celebrities such as Paris Hilton and J-Lo for the rise of Juicy Couture sweat suits. After 2010, everyone lost interest in the company. They were forced to shut down all of their U.S. stores in 2014.

Black No. 1



Black nail polish was the only way girls could claim to be goth without being goth. Marilyn Manson fans can certainly see through the lies.

Raccoon City


Raccoon eyes are a sign of a serious skull fracture. Somehow, people decided to turn it into a makeup trend. The only person on Earth still rocking it today is singer Avril Lavigne.

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