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Gianessa, a Girl with Alopecia Wins ‘Crazy Hair Day’ Competition

With confidence and pride, Gianessa Wride, a 7-year-old elementary student, joined and won the “Crazy Hair Day Competition” even without hair.

Gianessa Wins Crazy Hair Day competition


It was January 1 when the Wrides first encounter that a massive amount of Gianessa’s hair had fallen out.  Her mother, Daniella Wride was helping the little girl brush her hair when she noticed that a quarter-sized portion of Gianessa’s hair was coming out in the brush, as told to CNN.

“I found a bald patch on the back of her head the size of a quarter. I also noticed that around her temples it was beginning to thin. We let her go to bed without telling her what was going on,” Daniella narrated.

hair of Gianessa started to fall off


The Wrides immediately called Gianessa’s pediatrician and inquired about the issue. The doctor gave an unofficial diagnosis and recommended the parents to have Gianessa checked by a dermatologist. After almost a month, they got an appointment with a dermatologist and found out that their daughter has alopecia. The doctor told them that their little girl’s hair will never come back.

Though the condition was difficult to explain to a child, the parents decided to let Gianessa know the truth. “We just let her know that her hair was falling out and it probably wasn’t going to grow back. And we also tried to let her know that she’s still herself. She just doesn’t have any hair. She can still emphasize her personality through fashion choices. She can still do art and dance and do karate,” Daniella told CBS.

Months later and a “Crazy Hair Day” competition was organized in Gianessa’s school. Thinking that her child might be out of place, they thought of a way to have her participate in the competition by helping Gianessa put together sticker jewels on her head.

Gianessa smiling despite alopecia


After Gianessa’s mom posted her pictures on Instagram wearing scrapbook jewelries, the Internet went crazy over the little girl’s  new look and got positive response from people saying that Gianessa is an inspiration to many.

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