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This Genius Used Car Seller Showed a Little Originality Goes a Long Way

Marketing geniuses know the truth: you can sell almost anything, you just need to position it right. Carrie Hollenbeck’s boyfriend might just be a marketing guru, because he got millions of people interested in buying her 21-year-old Honda Accord.

The 1996 Honda Accord Named “Greenie”

Hollenbeck needed to sell her ’96 Accord, and if you’ve ever sold a used car before, you know it can be tricky.

used car


Fortunately, she had some help from her creative boyfriend, Max Lanman.  With some stunning camera work and clever narration, Lanman put together a slick commercial advertising the vehicle. The results will have you wanting to hire Lanman the next time you sell a used car.

A ’96 Accord Worth $150,000?!?

The couple listed the vehicle on eBay, and it gained rapid traction as the commercial racked up over 4 million views.  As the view count rose, so did the bidding to a grand total of $150,000! Sadly, eBay closed the listing due to suspected fraud.

used car

“Apparently, someone in the fraud department, who was unaware of the ad and story behind it, could not believe that a 1996 Honda Accord was bidding for $150,000, and canceled the auction,” Lanman explained.

The couple was forced to re-list the vehicle, and they hoped that they would get positive results once again.

Commercial Has Given The Couple A Great Profit

The car currently has a bid of $5,600 on it, and for a 1996 Honda Accord with roughly 141,000 miles on it, that’s pretty good!

used car

Bored Panda

The Kelley Blue Book value for the vehicle is $1,500. After an intense bidding war, the seemingly outdated and cheap used car was sold to Carmax for no less than $20,000!

You’ve got to check out the brilliant commercial that Lanman put together below. Perhaps it’ll give you some inspiration the next time you try to sell something!

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