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This Man Found An Unusual Way To Propose To His Girlfriend

In this age, people expect you to not do things the cliché way. I mean, there are so many videos on Youtube of people asking others to prom in a unique way or even marriage proposals that just make your heart melt. Why do something the boring or easy way when you can make things more personalized?

That is what the Youtuber Retro Shanerator did about a month ago for his girlfriend Pam! Both of them are gamers so when he decided it was time to pop the question, he did it in the cutest way possible. Using the video game Super Mario Maker, he created his own level and then had his girlfriend play it!

In the description of the video, he wrote “Hope everyone enjoys just a bit of our special moment. Geeks do it better!” Well, more than 1,600,000 viewers enjoyed their special moment because it was just so heartwarming. Just wait until you see Pam’s reaction!

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