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HBO Announces Game of Thrones Season 7 Release Date

Yes it is here, the so-long anticipated HBO release date that some may have already forgotten about it. With Netflix, Hulu, and the massive upstream of great new shows and content to watch out there, the fight for the ratings is becoming increasingly more competitive.

Game of Thrones Announce Season 7 Release Date

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Not unlike the Game of Thrones narrative itself, producers are playing positions, outdoing themselves to sit on a throne of their own, only this one is made out of velvet, not melted iron blades, it is Hollywood after all…

Staying on Top

Not only does the Game of Thrones world make a convenient metaphor for Hollywood’s stiff competition to produce the show with the best ratings, the also has managed to stay on top in that so hotly contested seat it metaphorically represents.

game of thrones

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Basically, Game of Thrones fans are here to stay, and despite the long wait, are more enthusiastic than ever for the final season, one that promises to be worth the wait.

Outpacing the Author

With an official release date of July 16th, 2017, Game of Thrones fans new and old are getting increasingly excited. Even those who have followed as early as the first book are anxious for the new season, as the show has far outpaced the author in unveiling the story line.

This has many Game of Thrones book readers excited to finally see what they have been waiting for since the first book, all the plot lines merging.

Sweet Justice

Game of Thrones fandom got shaky as George R.R. Martin continued to delay the release of the 7th book. Thanks to HBO though, fans finally get rewarded for their patience with a beautifully shot, immersive world thanks to the talents of David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, who are rumored to be big fans of the books themselves.

So if you are as eager for the new season as I am, here is a teaser trailer to wet the appetite of you and your fantasy loving friends.

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