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English T-Shirts Found in Asia That Clearly Got Lost in Translation

Do you ever think that Asian people walk around and laugh at people who have tattoos of Chinese/Japanese/Korean characters on them? Like unless you speak the language and know how to write with their symbols, you have no idea if you are having it inked on you properly and can get a little lost in translation. I mean, imagine if you went to Asia and saw a bunch of people walking around with random English words on their skin?

Well, that may not be a popular thing to see in Asia, but T-shirts with English words and sayings are seen all over. It’s cute and all, but sometimes things get lost in translation–and most of the time, it’s hilarious. This is why your language teacher tells you not to use a translator!  So if you ever see someone wearing a shirt with words that don’t quite make sense, it was probably made by someone who isn’t fluent in English!

Check out this collection of seriously hilarious cases of people lost in translation!

 A Kindergarten teacher in China noticed one of her students wearing this shirt

lost in translation


Save it for adulthood, little girl! It should become more relevant then.

This wonderful creation was spotted at the Golden Pavilion In Kyoto

lost in translation


Everybody crap your hands!!!! Crap crap crap crap your hands!

 Tokyo also has its fair share

lost in translation


Oh honey, I don’t think I have the heart to tell you what your shirt actually means.

 When your parents dress you for school

lost in translation


I actually want this shirt, though!

 This little boy’s got attitude

lost in tranlastion

His pose totally completes it, though.

 When you have a Chinese friend that doesn’t know English

lost in tranlastion


This girl’s friends are terrible people for letting her walk around in that. Who makes these shirts, anyway?

 When you try to be inspirational

lost in tranlastion


Parents really need to stop buying their kids shirts with English words on them.

 Your grandma is so gansta

lost in tranlastion

Why do I feel like someone did this on purpose…

 This kid walked into class in Vietnam wearing this

lost in tranlastion


I highly doubt the parents understood what the shirt actually said.

 This person’s day was made when they saw a senior at the living home they deliver to wearing this T-shirt

lost in tranlastion


Someone needs new glasses if she couldn’t even understand the picture…unless….

 Matching sweaters for your kids

lost in tranlastion


It will soon be obvious who is the favorite kid!

 The things you see as a teacher in Taiwan

lost in tranlastion

Aw, a cute shirt with a sun on it, I bet it says something nice on it!

 Come at me, haters!

lost in tranlastion


I bet he knows exactly what this shirt says!

 Big mistake

lost in tranlastion

Visa, vagina, potato, potato…

 English-language slogans are always funny

lost in tranlastion


This is actually really funny and slightly true!

 They thought it meant tranquillity

lost in tranlastion


In a way it does…

 This is what Japan wants you to be

lost in tranlastion


Mom, it’s not a phase! I truly feel like a door!

 How to look badass

lost in tranlastion

She looks like she wants to call this woman what’s on her shirt. Would you do it?

 Mhm, totally understand

lost in tranlastion

Go home T-shirt designer, you’re drunk.

 I need this shirt. I do.

lost in tranlastion


Everything about this shirt, from the text to the layout to the tie dye, is EPIC.

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Source: Boredpanda

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