Where you came from ?! 10 Frightening Photos That Made Me Believe In Ghosts
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10 Frightening Photos That Made Me Believe In Ghosts

Eighteen percent of Americans say they’ve seen a ghost at least once in their life.

Those encounters are rarely captured, but when they are, they’re hard to unsee.

I have to admit, I was a skeptic at first, but I couldn’t justify my unbelief after seeing all of these…

Little Girl In The Woods


A man living in North Carolina had his stealth cam set up while hunting deer, when this barefoot little girl popped up in one of the frames.

He packed up and left.


The Headless Child


n Hungary, 1943, a man took a photo of his wife. It was just the two of them and an afternoon they wanted to remember.

Years later, their daughter inherited the photo. She freaked when she saw the little girl standing in the background with no head or arms.


One Hand Too Many


The son (pictured in the middle) posted his family photo on Reddit with a caption that read:

“I can honestly say that is not my hand. My parents’ house is crazy haunted.”

Seemingly so.


There’s A Demon In The Hospital


This hospital cam caught footage of a dark figure above a patient’s bed minutes before that patient died.

Other nurses from various hospitals in all different locations have claimed to have seen a similar figure right before their patients die.



The Unwanted Houseguest


A woman posted this photo to Reddit without much of an explanation, other than insisting that she doesn’t have a daughter.

Maybe she was trying to take a picture of the bright-eyed, evil grinning demon in her room so others could help her feel sane.


The Photo Bomb No One Wants To See


The roommate of the lady whose tattoo this man is photographing told her friends the house she lives in is haunted.

Creepy noises were often heard, then this photo proved her suspicion. Nobody knows who the woman in the photograph is.


Little Girl In The Window


Records show that a little girl died in front of the upper right window of this house.

She’s been seen multiple times peering out that very window in different spots as people come to visit the house.


Girl In The Bookshelf


The neighbor to the owner of this house claims there have been several sightings of a little girl walking around the property.

In this picture, you can see her face in the bookcase, peering over the arm of the chair.

They seem to have gotten used to seeing her.


The Boy On The Trail


This man was hiking in the Colorado Rocky Mountains when his girlfriend decided to take some candids of him.

“His girlfriend saw nothing behind him when taking the photo. She didn’t realize the figure was in the photo until they returned home,” wrote the man’s son.


Sir, Visiting Hours Have Passed


A resident at this nursing home snapped this shot after seeing a call light to someone’s room blinking and the door slamming shut over and over.

No one was in the room, but the patient of the room had just been pronounced dead. The resident noticed a black figure outside in the hallway and snapped this picture.

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