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Brady Bunch Star Florence Henderson Dies at 82

As one of the most iconic, cult tv shows in America, the Brady Bunch was synonymous with the American lifestyle of the seventies. The show sparked the whole “blended family” tv show trend, and will always be remembered among generations of viewers. Sadly, the family has recently lost its matriarch. Florence Henderson, who portrayed Carol Brady, passed away at age 82, with heart failure as the cause.

florence henderson

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Death of the popular “American mom” shocked Hollywood. It was unexpected as she has not been sick and felt well prior to her unfortunate death. Florence Henderson’s manager, Kayla Pressman, reported that the Brady Bunch star attended a taping of ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars”, supporting Maureen McCormick, her TV daughter. “Florence Henderson was a dear friend for many years & in my heart forever. I’ll miss u dearly #RIPFlorence,” said McCormick, in her tweet.Another actor from the show, Barry Williams, expressed his grief as well, explaining how Henderson was one of the most loving, and kind people in Hollywood.

Besides the “The Brady Bunch”, Henderson appeared on screen and on the stage in various other roles. After the cult show, she continued working on her musical career for a while, as well as appearing as Carol Brady for numerous “Brady Bunch” spinoffs and specials.

florence henderson

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With a career spanning over multiple decades, Henderson was a presence through various cameos and guest appearances. She also participated in many game shows, as audience always loved the maternal, loving aura of this amazing woman.However, as kind and loving, as she was, life hasn’t always treated her the same. She grew up poor in Indiana, raised by her alcoholic father, as her mother left her when Henderson was only 12 years old. She cites her rough upbringing as an inspiration for her iconic role, as she portrayed the kind of mother she wished she had, captivating the American audience.Henderson also became a mother fairly early, in 1955, when her first of four children was born. This also helped bring the role of Carol Brady to life, as Henderson was already an experienced mother when the show started airing.

While her death came unexpected, leaving Hollywood in grief, one thing is for sure: American TV program would have never been the same, without the matriarch of the Brady Bunch, and her influence will always be present.

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