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The Absolute Best Tweets Of The First Presidential Debate

No matter if you’re on team Trump or team Hillary, there’s no doubt last night’s real presidential debate winner was actually Twitter. As The Democratic and Republican nominee tried their best to throw punches at each other, Twitter was the place where the real action went down. Though it was hard to rummage through every comment from the most tweeted event of the year, we took extra effort to present to you the funniest, cleverest tweets about the event. Check them out below:

Some channeled their inner Michael Scott:

Some thought Trump’s multiple sniffing was a little suspicious:

Some thought the debate was downright EPIC:

This tweeter clearly did not agree with Trump’s temperament praise:

This tweeter was inspired by Hillary’s little shimmy:

This tweeter brought some 90’s R&B into the mix:

This tweeter found the one thing this debate was missing: an epic mic drop.

This tweeter had nothing but sympathy for Lester Holt:

Just what this debate needed – a dragon tamer:

This tweeter clearly doesn’t remember Lennie and Mike:

Steve Carell was pretty popular last night:

And this tweeter simply had enough:

Who do you think won the presidential debate? Let us know in the comments!

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