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5 Films That Are So Pretty Thanks To Incredible Use Of Color

Filmmaking is a craft that involves weaving compelling storytelling and emotive acting with skilled direction. It is also the most popular visual art of modern history, with many films taking advantage of breathtaking color and imagery. Some of the most striking films are not necessarily big-budget films with CGI effects. Let’s take a look at some of the prettiest movies we’ve ever seen, thanks for the color palette they used.

A Small, Vibrant Gem

2001’s Amelie was a critical and commercial hit, praised for its visual style as well as its innocence and whimsy. Besides using interesting camera tricks, such as exaggerated pans and angles, the color palette suggests an otherworldly version of contemporary Paris. The next film was also released in 2001, but presented its visual style in a much different way.

Miramax Films

A Visualized Dreamworld

It’s difficult to explain Richard Linklater’s masterpiece Waking Life to someone; you really need to watch the film yourself to understand its content and appreciate its art. Not quite an animated film, all footage was filmed with live actors and the frames were then rotoscoped, or overlayed with drawing and coloring. The surreal, dream-like result is fitting for the film’s intense exploration of conscious dreaming and reality. Speaking of dreams, the next film uses color to explore life, death and imagination.

Fox Searchlight Pictures

An Artist’s View Of The Afterlife

Robin Williams’ 1998 film What Dreams May Come covers a lot of dark territory such as death, depression, suicide and damnation. But it paints a picture of an afterlife that can be as colorful as you imagine it to be, with flowers and trees oozing paint-like impressionistic artwork. A visually-stunning depiction of real life makes the next film shine.

Universal Movies

Jungle Animals Sail On An Ocean Canvas

2012’s Life of Pi is the tale of a boy who flees a shipwreck with a Bengal Tiger and a handful of other vicious beasts. This film is soaked in CGI, and the images are beautiful. The sea’s serenity contrasts with the wild ferocity of jungle-orange fur. The last film on our list is also a technology-aided visual marvel.

Fox 2000 Pictures

Deep Details Pervade Coco

A dazzling film about family and the afterlife, Disney Pixar’s 2017 masterpiece Coco shows an intricately-detailed world. Mexican culture is richly detailed, particularly in the sequences set in the land of the dead, but even simple scenes in the film’s opening show an attention to detail never before seen in animation.

Disney Pixar Films

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