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Federal Reserve Rate Raise: A Death Sentence?

Yes you read correctly. The Federal Reserve rate raise is coming again to an economy near you. What does that mean for the working class? Well first, if you don’t know about the Federal Reserve, it is a consolidated group of private banks that was granted the legal authority and right to print money by the United States Government.

They print money and put it into the economy any time they like, for any reason. While this itself already seems like a dubious proposal, many don’t know that each dollar printed comes with an attached interest rate. So every dollar you receive, you already owe about 25% back on.

The United States government “borrows” money from the Federal Reserve this way all the time to pay for everything from wars (soldiers, planes) to working class contractors, which is where our national debt number comes from. This is also the cause of inflation. To make things worse, that interest rate is set to move up again.

Coming to a Head

While normally little is said or done about a Federal Reserve rate raise (as the government itself has become at the mercy of this system), things might be changing sooner than many think.

There are 2 seats already open on the Federal Reserve board, and another set to open soon, all going to a Trump presidency, who has sworn to improve economic growth in every way possible.

Brooks Kraft/GettyImages

Brooks Kraft/GettyImages

Many believe this points to abolishing the Federal Reserve. This is a sentiment so mainstream it even appears in the New York Times.

While the popularity of “anti-establishment” sentiment from the populous grows, as well as an increasing distaste for the debt and inflation generating Federal Reserve system, it seems the end may be near for this relic of a darker age.

The Death Stroke

The reason many feel now is when the Federal Reserve will be abolished is because the system has started to collapse on itself. Many banks are going broke, and the reason for the Federal Reserve rate raise is because it must take this action to survive.

death of the dollar

Ulrich Baumgarten/GettyImages

The problem is, the system is so unpopular as it is, and it is already dying, and no longer supported even by the president of the country, so how can they expect approval for another rate raise? It seems that there is nothing left to do about this sick old dog of a financial system than take it out back and give it the honor of a clean end.

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