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5 Times Your Favorite 90s Sitcoms Made You Cringe

The 90s brought us great sitcoms. Fan favorites that have stood the test of time include That 70’s Show, Seinfeld, and Friends, but our memory of them might be a tad too charitable. Do they really hold up after all these years? The next time you sit down to binge these classics you’ll find that as funny as they were, there were some scenes that wouldn’t fly in 2018.

Toxic Masculinity?

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In an episode of That 70’s Show, after a friendly game of basketball between Eric and Donna in the Formans’ driveway, Donna wins. It’s no surprise considering she’s more athletic and taller than the slender and small Eric. Despite that, Eric is teased by his friends because he lost to a girl and Eric pulls away from Donna as a result. More offensive, Donna’s own mother tells her she needs to let her man win or she’ll end up some kind of spinster. That’s sad no matter what decade we’re talking about.

George And The Cleavage

Monkeys Gone to Heaven

In Seinfeld, George and Jerry are sitting on a couch in their producer’s house when Jerry nudges George, directing him to check out the beautiful young girl leaning over in front of them with her cleavage hanging out. George can’t stop staring and is busted. If that’s not bad enough, we find out the girl is 15 years old. There’s no way that’d fly today, especially in light of the Me Too movement.

Grab A Spoon, Ross


We all know Joey Tribbiani was a womanizer on Friends. We accept that about him. But when he compares women to ice cream and encourages Ross to grab a spoon, he goes too far. That scene, from season 1, is enough to make anyone uncomfortable. He should’ve told Ross there are other fish in the sea and he wouldn’t always be alone. Newsflash, Joey: women are not objects.

That 70’s Show Again


Even though That 70’s Show was made to take place in the 70s, when Buddy kisses Eric in the car because he misreads Eric as gay, his reaction is bad. Eric not only recoils and gets paranoid that Buddy will randomly kiss him again, he goes home and plants one on Donna to prove his manhood. His friends relentlessly make fun of him when they find out, and Eric is offended that anyone would think he is gay. Those scenes wouldn’t land in today’s more inclusive culture.

Chandler’s Drag Queen Dad

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We find out in Friends that Chandler’s father is a drag queen working at Viva Las Gaygas in Las Vegas, Nevada. He hasn’t spoken to his father since he was caught cheating on his mother with the pool boy. Now, we can accept that a son would be upset his mother was betrayed and not talk to his father, but when we meet his dad, drag queen Helena Handbasket, it seems Chandler is embarrassed by his father’s lifestyle. The LGBTQ community wouldn’t be happy with that today.

Did any of these moments offend you at the time, or did you not notice how cringey they are until reading this?

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