Where you came from ?! Father Puts On Lipstick to Get Revenge on Online Scammer
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Father Puts On Lipstick, Poses As Woman To Catch Online Scammer

A conman was recently exposed after a prankster father posed as a vulnerable woman in order to expose the online scammer. It started when David Walker asked his daughter to help him apply some make-up so that he could create fake Facebook profile under the name “Julian Le Flange”.



“I was inspired to start doing this because I have a good friend whose mother unfortunately fell victim to one of these scammers and she lost thousands of pounds,” Walker said. “Unfortunately lots of people do get stitched up by these conmen. She was very embarrassed about what happened and it had a very negative effect on her. My friend really likes what I’m doing and is supportive of it.”

He added: “I roped in my daughter to put make-up on me for the photo as Julian. I can’t say I enjoyed it but she certainly found it funny to make her dad look silly. It did the trick though as people think it’s a woman.”

It didn’t take long for a “religious pastor” from Nigeria to contact Walker. He quickly declared his love for Julian before asking for $900 so that he could get a flight to the United Kingdom.

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The Newcastle resident played along as his alter ego before sending the scammer a picture of his daughter’s toys, marked “Western Union shop”.

Facebook later banned Walker for breaching their anti-bullying policy.

“Once I shared the pictures on my Facebook of how I had strung him along for so long he then started getting loads of messages from everyone giving him lots of abuse,” the father of two said. “He then came back to me demanding I tell everyone to stop messaging him. He got to the point where he was very angry indeed and he did everything from rant and rage to grovel. He was begging me to get people to stop harassing him, it was hilarious.”

In the end, Walker showed no mercy. He also hopes this Nigerian Casanova will think twice about doing something similar in the future. “It was nice to see him get a taste of his own medicine. He was eventually forced to delete his account.”

Walker has exposed other online scammers in the past. The online vigilante made headlines in June of last year when he played along with a conman’s “business venture”. Their conversation ended with the conman agreeing to a dinner date.

“I will carry on doing this and exposing more scammers,” Walker said. “If it puts off one person, it’s worth it.” His daughters think his shenanigans are hysterical, although they’re not shown the conversations.

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“My long-suffering wife puts up with it, she tolerates my antics. All my friends love it though – they talk about it all the time.”

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