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The Scary, Shocking, and Silly Family Secrets of Reddit

Secrets are harder to keep than ever. With Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and so on there are so many ways to communicate and make something public that maintaining a secret is not exactly a breeze on the beach. However, it can be done and it is still done. Many families have a treasure chest of secrets. They have to do with affairs, abuse, murder, and all kinds of other crimes and scandalous affairs. On a Reddit thread, people from across the internet posted some of their most salacious secrets for the world to read. Want to know more about these outrageous, dark secrets? Read on!

1. Selling a Kid

Grandmothers are traditionally thought of a virtuous figures. They’re warm, maternal, and, whenever their grandchildren come to visit them, they spoil them with yummy brownies, chocolate chip cookies, and all sorts of other treats. But that’s not all grandmothers do. Some keep some dark family secrets.

Hinchman Heritage Society

Hinchman Heritage Society

One night, one Reddit user sat down with his grandma and found out a secret about his grandpa’s family. Poor as a burnt penny and resigned to the streets, the family too many children and not enough resources so they sold one of their children to a Chinese businessman. For obvious reasons, this has been kept a secret for decades.

Source: aperture81

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