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The Scary, Shocking, and Silly Family Secrets of Reddit

Secrets are harder to keep than ever. With Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and so on there are so many ways to communicate and make something public that maintaining a secret is not exactly a breeze on the beach. However, it can be done and it is still done. Many families have a treasure chest of secrets. They have to do with affairs, abuse, murder, and all kinds of other crimes and scandalous affairs. On a Reddit thread, people from across the internet posted some of their most salacious secrets for the world to read. Want to know more about these outrageous, dark secrets? Read on!

Selling a Kid

Grandmothers are traditionally thought of a virtuous figures. They’re warm, maternal, and, whenever their grandchildren come to visit them, they spoil them with yummy brownies, chocolate chip cookies, and all sorts of other treats. But that’s not all grandmothers do. Some keep some dark family secrets.

Hinchman Heritage Society

Hinchman Heritage Society

One night, one Reddit user sat down with his grandma and found out a secret about his grandpa’s family. Poor as a burnt penny and resigned to the streets, the family too many children and not enough resources so they sold one of their children to a Chinese businessman. For obvious reasons, this has been kept a secret for decades.

Source: aperture81

Follow That Mistress

There are many reasons why a father would move his entire family across the United States of America. Maybe he just got an enticing new job that promises more money, a bigger house, and a nicer car. Maybe, since it 2017, his wife just got an enticing new job that will give her a higher salary, a larger house, and a much more marvelous motorcar.

For this redditor, the reason why his family is in California instead of New York City is much more sinister. This Reddit user’s grandpa took his family from coast to coast in order to be with his mistress. Lovely, isn’t it?

Source: poopylongjohns

Uncle Psycho

Few families can claim to have sensible, reasonable relatives across the board. One Reddit user found that his uncle was a psycho.

In the 1980s, this redditor’s uncle killed a homeless person for no apparent reason. The uncle did have to face a trial. However, due to a lack of evidence, he wasn’t found guilty. How would you react if this happened in your family?

Source: poopylongjohns

Dead on a Train

One redditor has a cousin who has a very serious interest in genealogy. After visiting family members in Iowa, he found out something unusual about his ancestors.



In 1881, this redditor’s ancestor killed himself on a train in the Midwest by slitting his throat with a pocket knife. The suicide got newspaper coverage. The headline read: THE SAD ENDING OF JIM HARRIS. Poor guy.

Source: LadyMegbeth

Two Families

You never know what you might found out about your family online. This redditor found his dad fathered two kids by a different woman a long, long time ago, while still married to his mother.

The children were born in North of England, where the father worked. Supposedly, one day the dad left for work and never came back. How’s that for a family secret?

Source: slimrizlatips

Revenge Gone Wrong

Brothers can be cruel to one another. They can do things that many wouldn’t dream of, withouth really thinking about the consequences.

Family Secrets

Family Secrets

One redditor’s uncle was angry at his dad and poked holes in every single one of his condoms. As it turned out, this happened when the redditor’s father began dating his mother, and you can probably figure out the rest.

Source: Hammer989

World War 2 Gal

This redditor heard about tomboy farm girl relative of his. Disfigured due to an incident with a horse, many assumed this tomboy was resigned to a life of isolation.

Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Hulton Archive/Getty Images

One day this distant relative vanished from the family farm. Four years later, her family discovered she had run away and enlisted in the army. She managed to pose as man and served her countey during World War 2. She fought in heroically and was eventually killed in the battlefield.

Source: soundsof

Bad Grandpa

This redditor happened to be around his mom and aunts while they were drinking and found out some pretty outrageous truths.

Grand Magazine

Grand Magazine

Soon, he found out that his grandpa, who had just died, had sexually abused his mom, all six of his aunts, and, possibly, his five uncles too.

Source: grizzly-bar


This Reddit user got knee-deep into genealogy. The hobby lead to an unsettling conversation with his mom.

His mom told him that her grandpa was most likely a pedophile. Supposedly, he was exceptionally strange and creepy and no one wanted to discuss him.

Source: aerynmoo

Raped by Grandpa

This redditor found out that her mom was raped by her grandpa every single time she went to visit him.

When the mom told her mom, 20 years later, the mom basically dismissed her daughter’s claim. Her father, however, thought that the revelation made perfect sense.

Source: arisefairmoon


Sometimes mothers can’t help but let off steam in front of their children.

Eric McCandless/ABC via Getty Images

Eric McCandless/ABC via Getty Images

During one mother’s harangue, this redditor found out that most of their cousins were the products of affairs. The aunts had all mislead their husbands in terms of who the original father were.

Source: TacentEvince

Dead Rabbit

Growing up, this redditor had a pet rabbit named Angel. The rabbit was pretty cute, as most rabbits are. Soon, it became so big and smelly that the mom kept it outside.

 The Huffington Post

The Huffington Post

Three days after its exile, it died. Years later, the family found out that it died when maggots invaded its body after flies laid eggs in the rabbit’s poop. For obvious reasons, the mother didn’t really want her children to know the disgusting truth.

Source: GrandadsLadyFriend

That Family in California

This redditor has a grandpa who is around 80 years old. The grandpa has five children now in their 40s and 50s, and they all lived a happy, simple life.

One day, a knock on the door changer everything the redditor knew about his family. Soon, he found that his grandpa had a whole separate family with a wife he met in California. The wife left him when he joined the navy, and when he got out, he married a different woman. The funny thing is, both families now live in the same trailer court.

Source: Jjcole007

Secrets in a Journal

This redditor’s grandma’s cousin married a man she who she first crossed paths with in college. Seemingly happy, the marriage lasted 40 years. Then the man died of cancer.

Huffington Post

Huffington Post

After his death, the cousin discovered her late husband’s journals. In them, he documented in full detail an affair he was having with another man for 35 years. He has been living with this secret for 35 years, seemingly devoted to his wife.

Source: Pozzik

Secret Child

An person can only keep a secret for so long before bursting. In an email sent to the entire family, this redditor’s aunt disclosed that his mom had birthed a child that no one was aware of.

After the email, the aunt killed herself. Filled with guilt, she managed to pour gasoline on herself, tie herself to a pole and light herself on fire.

Source: MattPiano

A Police Officer Has an Affair

This redditor thought her parents thought got a divorce to normal reasons. Surprise surprose, she was wrong.

It turns out her police officer dad was having an affair with his partner’s wife. When her mom confronted her dad, he punched her in the face. Divorce came soon after.

Source: SheWasEighteen

Killing a Wife Beater

A poor boy has a crush on a respectable girl. The boy goes away to fight in World War 2 and returns believing himself to be worthy of the girl.

But the girl is now married to an abusive husband. The boy gets the girl away from the abusive husband and makes sure the abusive husband will never bother her again. How? He killed her.

Source: inmyotherpants79


On Google, this redditor found out that his grandparents were in charge of an enormous weed racket. At the time, it was the biggest weed operation ever known in the United States of America.



The grandparents were eventually caught and jailed. Their sentence: 250 years each.

Source: ThatsSoYeezus

Nazi Rape

This redditor found out that his dad was the product of Nazi rape in Croatia during World War 2.

The Huffington Post

The Huffington Post

As a young child, the dad’s stepdad tried to kill him on numerous occasion, only to be stopped by the child’s mother. At 15, tired of being threatened, the dad left home to start a new life in Australia.

Source: the_aura_of_justice

A Duel

This family secret involves Eastern Europe as well. This redditor found that his ancestor once challenged an Russian army officer to a duel, swords and all.



The ancestor was victorious, and the family was then exiled from Russia.

Source: cg13velociraptor

Drinking Too Much

This redditor was the recipient of a confession from their grandma. Though she was married to her husband for more than 30 years, though she had five children, there was something no one knew about her.



The grandma was a borderline alcoholic and had kept it a secret from the entire family. At 50, she began to attend AA meetings by herself at synagogue.

Source: splits_ahoy

Priestly Doubt

Priests are messengers of God, but they are not God. They have their secrets too, and some of them are pretty dark.

 James D. Rowlison Family Connections

James D. Rowlison Family Connections

This redditor discovered that his great uncle declared to his parents that he was an atheist while attending seminary school. The parents threatened to disown him if he dropped seminary school. The great uncle stayed and became an admirable priest.

Source: SimonJester74

What a Last Name Really Means

This redditor has a very odd Hungarian last name. For a while, he thought it meant “boat builder.” Building boats is not a vulgar thing to do.

However, soon the family found out that the name really meant “man who goes around the village at night and picks up the s**t buckets from doorsteps.” Someone’s gotta do it!

Source: duprass

Best Friend Comes Back From the Dead

In middle school, a mom tells her child that her best friend has just died. She won’t tell the child how. According to the mother, the friend’s body was donated to science.

Years later, the child sees the phone number of the best friend on their mother’s phone and calls it. The best friend answers.

Source: from a Reddit account that has been deleted


This Reddit user’s ancestor was taking part in the extermination of the indigenous peoples as America’s settlers were spreading their reach westward.

The ancestor had his horse shot. Rather than face the indigenous people, the ancestor cut open his horse’s stomach and hid inside of it until the indigenous people moved on. That’s devotion for you.

Source: mrblasty


This redditor found out that their grandma and grandpa were members of the resistance during World War 2.

OK! Magazine

OK! Magazine

They smuggled families and lovers through borders using forged papers. When one mission didn’t goes as planned, the grandma was forced to shoot someone. Pretty badass for a grandma, no?

Source: gaatar

Send in the Clowns

Clowns don’t get a lot of respect in society. They are strange, creepy, and the butt of endless jokes.

Germany India Child Activist

Germany India Child Activist

Perhaps that’s why this user’s great grandma wasn’t too proud to have had an affair with an actual clown.

Source: SpermsterMahoogan

Fake Accusations

This redditor had a friend whose mom, along with the mom’s friends, accused a priest of molesting her.

After drinking too much at a Thanksgiving the mom confessed that the priest never molested her or her friends. They just wanted the money from the settlement.

Source: from a Reddit account that has been deleted

Prude Girl

Nicknames in high school are as common as bullying. This user found his mom’s nickname was “Little Miss Sunbeam.”



Sunbeam was a type of bread that prided itself on its lack of holes. In high school, this user’s mom was not the kind of girl that “put out.”

Source: BigMacsAndWhiskey

A History of Sexual Assault

Growing up, this redditor believed she was only girl in her family to suffer from sexual assault. Soon, she found out there were more.

Diva Dirt

Diva Dirt

Almost every girl in her immediate family has been sexually assaulted. It happened to them at around the same age in a similar context.

Source: meownikki

Atom Bomb

This user had a grandpa who died of cancer when he was 70. Back in the day, the grandpa served in the military.



As it turns out, out of all his army buddies had died of cancer too. The reason? Perhaps its due to all of them being in Japan when America dropped its atom bombs.

Source: from a Reddit account that has been deleted

Selling Drink

This is another secret about grandpas. This redditor found that he grandpa was a alcohol distributing alcohol during America’s prohibition era.

TV Equals

TV Equals

The grandpa had the help of his brothers. Supposedly, their bootlegging operation was quite big.

Source: from a Reddit account that has been deleted

Drunk Driving

This redditor recently discovered his mom’s side of the family isn’t too friendly, and that there’s good reason why the the mother tries to avoid them at all costs.

Donna M. Zadunajsky

Donna M. Zadunajsky

As it turns out, the redditor has a cousin who drove drunk one winter. He smashed into car filled with a young family. He killed the mom, lopped the dad’s legs off, almost disemboweled the toddler, and severely shock up the baby. This doesn’t stop his mother from claiming he’s an innocent angel, though.

Source: skyborgg

A Stabbing

Biker gangs are threatening things. This user found his grandpa was a part of a biker gang.

 Channel Guide Magazine

Channel Guide Magazine

He was an esteemed member of the gang and is even related to infamous mobster, Vito Genevese. The redditor’s granpa was arrested for attempted murder, after he stabbed two men over 100 times. That’s dedication!

Source: someuniquename

Raping the Rapist

This user had a drunken heart-to-heart with his father. He learned that his mom was raped in the 1960s.



The dad and a few of his army buddies kidnapped the rapist and, after they gang-raped him, they killed him and thew him in a ravine. If that’s not a dark family secret, we don’t know what is.

Source: FamilySecretThrwAway

Lesbian Love

Everyone was telling this user that her great aunt died in an awful motorcycle crash. As it turns out, that wasn’t the truth/

What really happened? The great aunt was a lesbian. After her mom separated her from her lover, the broken hearted great aunt shot herself in the head. The motorcycle accident was then created to explain the closed-casket funeral.

Source: Goldsun

Sticking with the Church

This redditor’s uncle died. Afterwards, he found out his uncle was gay and was sexually abused by a priest when he was younger.

Teen Idols 4 You

Teen Idols 4 You

The family stopped attending church, but they never told anyone about the abuse. They didn’t want to undercut their church.

Source: stupernan1

Famous Affair

At 19, this redditor found that her father, who was a famous comedian in the 60s, had taken the virginity of an iconic singer and actress who is still alive today. That singer, according to the redditor, is no other than Barbra Streisand.



Supposedly, they went on to have affair for years to come, even though they were both married.

Source: TomatoHenry

Gay Porn Everywhere

At 9 and 10, a brother and sister find gay porn in the house. Their dad says it belong to the woman friend who is staying with them.

Ahram Online

Ahram Online

Later, after the woman friend has left, the brother and sister find gay porn on their computer. Clearly, their dad has a secret.

Source: norahbora

Grandma Defends Herself

This redditor found that his grandma almost shot and killed his grandpa.

Woman's Day

Woman’s Day

The grandma had suffered abuse before, and she wasn’t going to take it anymore. So, when the grandpa got drunk and tried to beat her, he was greeted with a .357.

Source: from a Reddit account that has been deleted

Life in the Congo

This Reddit user’s grandpa was a doctor in the dangerous Congo. His mom and her sisters and brothers all grew up there.

The Telegraph

The Telegraph

Soon, revolution was happening in the Congo. The Congolese were attacking every white person they saw. This included this user’s aunt, who was raped by several men. For 40 years now, that aunt has been secluded in a convent.

Source: JebusGobson


Though feminists and feminist allies have launched passionate campaigns to get rid of the shame that surrounds abortion, the shame still exists.



This redditor found his mom had an abortion between her birth and that of her younger brother. Supposedly, the dad made her get an abortion because he didn’t want another daughter.

Source: blammer

Fighting For an Education

Paying for school is a struggle for most people. Coming up with tuition is no easy task, and people go through a lot to raise the funds.



This redditor’s grandpa paid for his schooling with violence. He took part in an underground fist fight club, and that’s how he earned his money.

Source: from a Reddit account that has been deleted

Missing Fingers

This person’s dad had two missing fingers. He was told the fingers were amputated in an accident involving a saw.

Gruesome Magazine

Gruesome Magazine

The truth? He cut them off himself in an attempt to get some insurance money.

Source: spooky_pudding

Cheating Grandma

This user was under the impression their grandma was some sort of saint. The grandma never used bag language, didn’t smoke, and didn’t drink either.

 The Inquisitr

The Inquisitr

Turns out, the grandma actually cheated on her husband in the 1980s. The husband died of heart complications (or, perhaps, a broken heart).

Source: from a Reddit account that has been deleted

Pothead Grandma

Here’s a secret about another rebel grandma. This grandma is 75 and lives in a rural area in America.

World News

World News

What does she do? She runs a marijuana operation, growing all of the product on her own property.

Source: anusface

Nazis in the Family

This person found out that there are at least eight Nazis in his family. His great grandpa was assigned to Auschwitz. The great grandpa’s brother worked in other concentration camps.

Supposedly, the great grandpa first became a Nazi in order to protect his family.

Source: KingInTheWest

 48. Brother and Sister

It’s drunken family reunion near a river. One family member has to use the bathroom.



In the bathroom’s only stall he sees his uncle receiving oral sex from his sister. They blame being drunk. Later, they admit that alcohol wasn’t the only thing spurring them on.

Source: screams_at_pancakes

Sex Work

Sex work is becoming less and less shameful. This user found her mom was a prostitute. After meeting her dad, she remained in sex work.



Before marrying her dad, the dad had a vasectomy. So, who is this redditor’s father?

Source: Michellelovesvdub

Coming Out, Going Back In

This redditor had a worked up the courage to come out to their homophobic dad. Then they found something out pretty shocking.

 World News

World News

The reason for his homophobia was due to all of the sexual abuse he suffered through due to his Sunday school teacher.

Source: TheOldOak

*** All family secrets were retold from this Reddit thread ***

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