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The Curious Case of The Otcasek Family and Their Backyard Secret

It started off like any other home purchase, but when Colleen and Chris Otcasek finally found their perfect home, they had absolutely no idea what they would find in their backyard! It seemed like just a normal yard in Woodland Hills, California, but it turned out to be so much more… It was a little piece of history hidden just within plain sight! Here’s what the family discovered:

1. The house had an unusual amenity

Usually when you move into a house, you might expect it to have a pool or a laundry room, or maybe even an outdoor shed! This house, however, had something completely different…

Daily Mail

Daily Mail

When the Otcasek family purchased their newest house, they were told prior to purchasing it that their house had what realtors said was “an unusual feature.” What could this possibly be, you may ask? It was a giant, concrete-lined hole right in the middle of their backyard! Apparently, the house once held a fallout shelter meant for protection during the Cold War. What they discovered would be a real surprise.

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