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Facebook Bands Together To Help Rescue This Trapped Woman

August 13th, 2017 was shaping up to be another ordinary day for 61-year-old Leslie Kahn. The afternoon weather was simply perfect, so she decided to take a swim in her pool backyard. She expected fun in the sun—a nice way to relax the day away.

But then the pool’s ladder broke.



Trapped In Her Own Backyard

Leslie was only a few feet from her home, but she might as well have been miles away. With the ladder broken and no strength to pull herself out of the water, Leslie was trapped.

“Without something for my feet to get leverage on and without that upper body strength, it wasn’t happening,” she said of the ordeal. She was trapped in the water for over three hours, wracking her brain with how to call for help. There was no cell phone and nobody in her home at the time.

Then, she saw her saving grace on a chair just outside of the pool: her iPad.

Who Needs The Cops When You’ve Got Mark Zuckerberg?

The trapped 61-year-old made the best of her limited options.

With the chair slightly out of reach, she had to MacGyver her way to freedom. “I got the trusty pool pole, dragged the leg of the chair, dragged it over, got the iPad, hooked up to Wi-Fi, and asked my community for help,” Kahn said.

Leslie was quick to go to a local Facebook group and begin her post with “911!” to ensure people saw it. “I wanted to get people’s attention fast,” she said.



Union Leader

Within minutes, the online community sprung into action. Most offered up ideas and suggestions on how she could escape the pool, but a woman who lived only a few minutes away took online help to the next level. She arrived at Leslie’s home and assisted her until the police arrived to put an end to Leslie’s nightmarish ordeal.

If you thought Facebook was only for poorly written political rants and cat pictures, think again. It might just save your life.


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