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Escaped Pet Cobra Terrifies Florida Town

Ocala, Florida was almost shut down today as people looked for an escaped pet cobra. The pet snake is a monocled cobra who is about two feet long. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission (FWC) has sent officials to Ocala to help look for the missing pet. FWC Officer Wayne Hargabus said, “We are actively searching.”

Brian Purdy, the owner of the snake, helped out with the search that included nearly one dozen fish and game experts. Prudy does have a license to own the venomous snake.

cobra snake florida venom

Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission

The neighbors are scared of the cobra

The unnamed snake is thought to still be in the home of its owners because of the cold weather the state is currently experiencing but that does not have neighbors any less concerned. Nina Snyder, a neighbor, admitted, “Last night I was afraid to sleep. I kept listening for it.” Others have reported being too afraid to leave their homes.

FWC officials say they think they can find the snake but are not taking any chances. They have some anti-venom on hold in Miami to help anyone who may be bitten by the dangerous reptile. The FWC was called as soon as the snake got out of its enclosure.


Salah Malkawi/Getty Images

Florida recently changed its regulations on snake ownership

To keep people safe from dangerous reptiles, the state recently toughened the rules that govern who can get licenses for them and how they are supposed to be housed and handled. Currently, there are only six snakes that people can get licenses to own. They are the:

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