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Emma Morano, World’s Oldest Person Born in 1800s Dies

Emma Morano, the oldest person in the world has now laid to rest. At the age of 117 years and 137 days, Emma is said to be one of the handful of people who were born in the 1800’s. This supercentenarian is the eldest among eight siblings.

Emma Morano


One of the secrets to her longevity as she would often say is that she eats three eggs every day. One cooked and the other two raw. Included in her diet are glasses of honey and 500gm of Gianduiotti, which she consumes within a week.

Aside from being the oldest person in the world, she is also the oldest Italian ever recorded, making her a holder of two world records. Having to live for so long, Emma Morano has lived to see three kings, a dozen or so of presidents and eleven popes.

Emma Morano

Wikipedia and Public Domain

Despite her positive outlook in life, Emma had a tragic past. She once fell in love with a young man who was drafted to the military during the First World War. According to a report, the couple never had the chance to see each other again.

One story says that the young man was killed during the war, while another story says that the young man did return but only to find out that she has moved somewhere else.

On the other hand, Emma did marry someone else but only to be separated again. This time it was because of a failed marriage. The couple did have a single child, but the child died within only six months after birth. After a year, the couple parted ways; yet they never did get a divorce. Emma, henceforth, did not marry again.

Emma Morano


In the end, Emma Morano died a peaceful death. She died while she was sitting on her rocking chair at her home in Verbania, a town in the Northern part of Italy.


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